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Touch and Cuddle Cloths

Garderoben fürs Babyzimmer bei

For cuddling and learning: touch, crackle and cuddle cloths as well as activity touch books

First haptic experiences with touch and cuddle cloths

Even when they are still so small - babies discover the world around them at an early age. And it's important, especially when they're still very small, that they come into contact with toys that are soft and cuddly. The little ones should be able to take a close look at it, but they should also not be overwhelmed by too many impressions. Feeling and crackling cloths are an excellent way to introduce the little ones to the world of haptic experiences. Babies learn how different materials and shapes feel. And they can't hurt themselves while tossing them around, which is still a bit uncoordinated.

A cuddle cloth as a sleep aid

Many babies often find it difficult to fall asleep. Too many new impressions are piling up on the little ones during the day - and they need time to process them. For babies, it's great to have a little friend to cuddle up to and serves to help them fall asleep and calm them down.
Some of the cuddle cloths even have a pacifier holder, making them indispensable for years to come! It's best to keep a spare on hand in case the beloved wipe ever needs to go in the washing machine or, in the worst case scenario, gets lost. Better safe than sorry!

Stimulate the senses with activity books

When the little ones are a bit more active, the next step up is an activity book. They can leaf through it and there is something to discover on every page: be it a mirror or different materials, colors, patterns and pictures. The advantage of a touch book over a picture book is that your offspring learns to grasp the book and feel it with their fingers. In addition, what is seen can also be felt - thus visualization is combined with the sense of touch, which is good for the mental and motor development of your little treasure.
In addition, an activity touch book also encourages your baby's creativity and imagination. For example, you can tell your little treasure a little story for each individual page and the children make first memories and connotations to what they have seen.

First taste of the wonderful world of books

Touch books that encourage your child to participate and discover naturally arouse curiosity. And that has a beneficial effect on the future: Because the little ones associate something positive with books, because they have already noticed how exciting it is to leaf through a feeling book. This will certainly keep them interested in books when they grow up. With a feeling book, you as parents can lay the foundation for later academic development while the baby is still young. It can only be a good thing to show your child how great books are as early as possible!

Boredom? There is no such thing!

Babies keep their parents on their toes, especially in the early days. Vacuuming the apartment for a moment? Cook dinner? Just sitting down to drink a cup of coffee or tea in peace and quiet? Parents of babies can usually only smile wearily at this. However, if the curiosity and creativity of the little ones are stimulated, as is the case, for example, with touch and crackle cloths or activity books, then parents also have the opportunity to devote themselves to their tasks for a short period of time. Babies can keep themselves busy for quite a long time as soon as they get their hands on something rustling.

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