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Baby Bibs

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Perfect stain catchers: baby bibs in constant use

Bibs are in constant use, at the latest, when the baby-feeding season begins. Therefore, you should not only have one or two at home, but rather a whole stack! Better safe than sorry! Because experience shows that, especially in the early days of the complementary feeding era, porridge tends to end up everywhere but in baby's mouth.... After all, it's not that easy when you first have to learn to eat with a spoon!

Practical and cute with a click

Bibs should be one thing above all: uncomplicated! You have to be able to tie them around your little darling quickly, because when it comes to eating, most little people can't take a joke! If mom or dad are not quick enough with the spoon, as soon as the baby sensor has located his porridge or food, the siren starts to wail and parents get a good one on the ears! And after all, you'd rather spare yourself that, wouldn't you? With the practical bibs that you can find here at 123moebel.de, everything is done very quickly: With Baby Bites, among others, a push button ensures that the stain catcher is closed very quickly and your little gourmet can start eating right away. A special highlight is of course when the bib then also has cute motifs on it, which can be admired in the small breaks between two spoons.

A must for bibs is the wash cycle in between

Bibs have to withstand a lot: from spinach to carrot to berry and pudding stains or whatever else is on the menu. So it goes without saying that you can put them in the washing machine without any problems. It's especially practical if the bib also covers the shoulders and the bottom side is made of a waterproof coating so that the clothes stay dry when the baby is happily drinking tea, juice, cocoa and the like. As a parent, you know what it's like to have no change of clothes at hand or to be in a hurry and not really have time to change your little rascal again when he's eating and drinking particularly wildly. So it's perfect if you can rely on the bib!