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Baby Gym

Baby Gym: For big eyes and first learning effects

Even the smallest ones are attentive to their surroundings and are very curious and "inquisitive". And they want to be kept busy! For babies from the age of three months, BabyGyms / play arches are just the thing! Since the little ones still lie a lot and are not very mobile, they can still be kept busy and discover a lot! A play arch consists of many colorful details that attract the attention of the little ones. Funny figures, rattles, mirrors and graspers provide variety and awaken curiosity. Babies are amazed and delighted by sounds and movements that they can produce themselves. This has an early learning effect: the little ones realize that something specific is happening when they act. For example, they touch a rattle and it makes a sound, they press on a ball and it makes a sound, etc. With a play bow / baby gym or an adventure blanket, babies' play instinct and curiosity are awakened in a natural way. In addition to perception, motor skills, sense of touch and hand-eye coordination are also trained.

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