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Basket & Baby Nest

A baby in a basket

Do you know the biblical story of little Moses, who was abandoned by his mother in a rush basket in the reeds on the banks of the Nile for his own protection? This is where the baby got its name, because Moses comes from "moscheh", meaning "the one who is pulled out of the water".

The Moses basket: ideal for on the road

Based on this fate, the so-called Moses basket has established itself over the centuries, first as a cradle substitute and later as a carrying aid.
We at have the Moses basket made of reed by Childhome in our assortment, because we think it is a very special eye-catcher and especially in the first weeks a cuddly sleeping place, especially when you are on the road, for your baby. And when your little one has grown out, then he fits great in the nursery - for example, as storage for dolls and cuddly toys.

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