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Kids Tableware

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Eat like mom and dad

Children's tableware makes the little ones feel big!

It's special for young children when they are big enough to sit at the table with the rest of the family and actively participate in meals together. It makes them feel a head taller! A high chair ensures that your offspring can sit safely and stably at the family table. The crowning glory, of course, is when your little one can use his own children's tableware, which belongs to him alone. With it everything tastes nevertheless equal again so well!
We at have an appetizing selection of cutlery and crockery sets, drinking and handle cups from Little Dutch.

Maritime touched, decorated with stars, dots or cute figures and in trendy colors - the tableware is an eye-catcher at any dining table!

Caution: Do not break!

The majority of these products are made of melamine. The material visually resembles porcelain, but has the distinct advantage of being very light, extremely robust and stable. It does not break when dropped. So ideal for children's hands!

Do not heat melamine tableware above 70° degrees.

Melamine tableware should not be heated above 70°degrees - so the products are not suitable for oven and microwave. If you serve steaming drinks or hot food in it or on it, however, it is harmless!

Nothing slips anymore: placemats from We Might Be Tiny

Speaking of non-slip: the cute placemats with bunny, cat and bear motifs from We Might Be Tiny are also made of non-slip silicone - so that everything on them can't fall off. Glasses and mugs have a firm stand on the raised eyes, the stepped edge of the pollutant-free and food-safe placemats ensures that plates & Co. can not be swept down. The placemats from We Might Be Tiny are not only cuddly, but also practical!

Tasty tidbits - eat yourself with the learning spoon from kizingo

Especially the little ones know no mercy when it comes to eating! Either it has to be done very quickly and/or they want to do everything all by themselves. For eating beginners, we at can warmly recommend the learning spoon from kizingo! This spoon is curved and makes it much easier for the child to guide the spoon to the mouth. The short wide handle fits comfortably in small children's hands and allows better control over the spoon.

From beginner to professional

Particularly in the early days, when small children are starting to eat on their own, a little patience is still required. After all, the young lords and ladies have to try things out first. But you will see: With the right eating utensils, as you find them in our store, the foundation for a relaxed and balanced eating behavior is laid.