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Mobiles fürs Babybett bei 123moebel.de

Under observation: Mobiles for baby bed, changing table and baby seat

Babies are attentive little observers. If they then also have something in view that moves and consists of cute figures, they are completely satisfied and could look at it for hours. We at 123moebel.de offer lots of mobiles from various brands, including Lifetime and Little Dutch, among others.
Whether baby crib, side bed, changing table, playpen, or baby seat - everywhere your little bundle of joy lies, a mobile is great to entertain him. After all, when the little ones are awake, they want action and preferably all the time! With the help of a mobile, you as parents can also take a short break: The little ones can use it to occupy themselves for a while all by themselves!

Mobiles to distract restless diaper rockers

Parents know this all too well: especially when changing diapers, many babies just won't stay still. They stomp around, try to turn themselves back and forth. Moms and dads sometimes have a hard time keeping their rascals in check.
To bring a little peace to the changing table, simply attach a mobile to the wall above it. Your child is distracted and you can freshen up your little treasure in peace.

Caution is the mother of china or: What you should keep in mind when using mobiles

Mobiles should always be kept out of reach of babies and small children! There is a danger of small parts that can be swallowed or a danger of strangulation due to the cords. As soon as the little ones sit up and reach the mobile, please remove it or hang it higher so that the child can no longer grab it. Safe is safe!

Three-dimensional vision is promoted

Babies can already perceive faces directly after birth, and they also notice and follow movements with interest at an early age. With a mobile, the little ones fixate on the figures swinging back and forth and also learn to visually follow moving objects - training their little eyes and promoting three-dimensional vision.
A mobile is therefore something for baby's eye in a double sense: It is cute to look at and it ensures the right (through) look.