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Pram Toys

Stroller chains and activity spirals: So that it does not become boring on the way

Especially when the offspring is still very small, long walks with the stroller are part of the daily activity for most. Many babies fall asleep from the rocking of the stroller, while others are wide awake and want to see everything around them. But the perspective is very limited with the smallest ones in the stroller, especially if they are not yet big enough to sit. Before the little ones get bored, colorful stroller necklaces and pendants can provide distraction. Cute animals, colorful pendants that ring or rustle, many colors and different fabrics capture the curiosity of the little stroller. Activity spirals, which are attached to the handle of the baby car seat (or even to the crib or playpen), provide occupation during car rides and moving elements capture your baby's full attention. Hand-eye coordination kicks into gear as soon as little ones start reaching for the items.

Always within reach: Touch books and music boxes

As soon as babies start using their hands consciously and know what they can do with them, activity books with different motifs and surfaces become interesting: There is a lot to discover in them! Because children "feel" so much, their fine motor skills are put to the test. At an early age, babies can learn about cause and effect and train their hand-eye coordination: For example, as soon as they pull the string of the music box, music sounds. This is fascinating, especially for the little ones! The senses are sharpened and attention is trained. Thus, the child is occupied and distracted and during longer rides, whether in the stroller or car, there is relaxed calm, which is only interrupted from time to time by contented and happy gurgles.

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