Seating Furniture

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Modern seating furniture in numerous variations

A comfortable sitting area is the heart of every living room. Our sofas and armchairs invite you to relax in peace after work or spend time together with friends and family. In addition, you will find stylish bar stools for the in-house bar and imaginative photo stools, which bring variety to your interior design with their appealing motifs.

Futon Furniture - For Sitting & Sleeping

In order for you to enjoy the best possible comfort, we offer high-quality seating furniture from well-known manufacturers. Karup, for example, offers modern futon furniture in the trendy Asian style. From spacious futon sofas to tasteful futon armchairs and modern lounge chairs, you'll find it all. Choose between numerous colors and shapes and find the right seating furniture for your interior.

Comfortable sitting areas

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Many of our couches linked cozy sitting areas with a place to sleep. You can convert the couches into a comfortable bed in a few simple steps. For one-room apartments, this is a space-saving and functional solution. In large apartments or houses, a couch from Innovation can be used as a guest bed solution. Our modern bar stools focus entirely on lightness and clean lines. High-quality materials are used, such as leather and chrome. As an alternative seating option to the classic dining table group, these bar stools are ideal. Other seat stools from our range can be used either as stylish seating or footrest. The cube-shaped faux leather furniture harmonizes with almost any couch set. We also have classic seating furniture in various sizes ready for you. Modern colors and a reduced, very puristic design are the trademark of the manufacturer. You prefer the vintage look? Then you will also find the right seating furniture with us. The designs of our retro furniture are based on decades long past and inspire with a great nostalgic charm. Light color schemes ensure that the seating furniture still looks very modern. Photo stools from Werkhaus bring color and variety to your living room. Country flags, abstract artworks, natural landscapes and many other appealing motifs adorn the practical stools.

Whether you're looking for a comfortable couch or a practical additional seating solution, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for in our store and can furnish your rooms according to your individual Needs.