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Tools for little DIYers

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Tools for little DIYers and do-it-yourselfers

Dad is repairing the wobbly chair, Mom is restoring the old chest of drawers - of course the offspring would like to help. However, many things are still too dangerous for children. So that little do-it-yourselfers can still swing the hammer, we at offer child-friendly and high-quality wooden accessories from manufacturers such as Flexa and Little Dutch, depending on the age.

Even the smallest can swing the hammer!

The smallest between twelve to 18 months can try out the hammer / knocking bench. This is great fun and the first sense of achievement is not long in coming: wooden sticks are knocked into the bench with a hammer on one side and reappear on the other. Of course, everything has to be in order and the sticks are hammered in from the opposite side as well. In addition to motor skills, this also promotes endurance and trains the patience of children who can spend hours hammering away at the tapping bench.

Repairing like the grown-ups with tools and a workbench

For children from about three years old, workbenches and accessories are great for making them feel like a real DIY king! Here, kids can let their imagination run wild and repair and build for all it's worth! Along the way, motor skills and dexterity are also trained - after all, it's not that easy to screw in a toy screw with an appropriate screwdriver. The hobbyists are all the more proud when they have mastered this task with flying colors! Toolboxes and tool cases also contain everything a serious junior DIYer needs: Depending on the manufacturer and equipment, saws, angles, hammers, screwdrivers, screws, etc. are all included and ready for use.

Why handicrafts are important for children and prepare them for life

The great advantage of tools for children is that they learn how to use hammers, drills and the like at an early age and develop a knowledge of craftsmanship: what tools are suitable for and how exactly are they used? That can't hurt for later, when the offspring is big enough to use "real" tools: Then son and daughter can also repair the wobbly chair or restore a chest of drawers.