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Wooden Toys

Playfully discover the world with wooden toys

At every step

This makes the first steps twice as much fun! Wooden pull-along and push-along animals are the absolute toy classics in the learning-to-walk process. The colorful wooden toys encourage their "little ones" to train movement sequences, support natural development and promote motor skills. With movement, pulling and pushing, your child gradually conquers its world. With a loyal companion at their side, they feel safer and have lots of fun. Probably the best known pushing animal is the waddling duck. Our funny sliding ducks splash around merrily and encourage your offspring to walk. With their colorful, appealing design, they provide a lot of fun and are the highlight of every child's room.

In our extensive range, every child will find his or her personal favorite animal. All our pull-along animals and push animals are characterized by a high level of safety and tensile strength. They are sustainably produced and made of eco-wood. The use of pollutant-free materials and paints is a matter of course. A super cute gift idea for the first birthday!

Wooden animals - faithful companions from the very beginning

Our robust and funny wooden animals often accompany their little ones throughout childhood. Thus, many adults still remember the first wooden toy after many years. Even toddlers share everyday routines with their wooden toys. They slip into the role of their favorite animal and act from its perspective. It is not uncommon for entire dialogues to arise about the necessity of brushing teeth or bathing. With the funny wooden animals of the brands Kids Concept, Plan Toys or Jabadabado, your children build their own little world and re-enact real experiences. From a fantasy world of dinosaurs to forest and farm animals, you will find a wide variety of wooden animals as well as themed worlds in our assortment. Of course, our animals are made exclusively from eco-wood and pollutant-free materials and paints. Small tip! Our high-quality wooden animals can also be passed on to smaller children or stored for the next Generation.

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