Baby Nest

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Nestchen für Babybetten bei

Dream island for the baby - nest for baby's bed.

Every day your baby experiences a myriad of new impressions. It is therefore all the more important that your baby can sleep peacefully and healthily. Small babies need a lot of sleep, because during the sleep phases the little ones can process all the new things and become fit for new discoveries. For healthy baby sleep, a quiet environment and protection from light and disturbing, external impressions are important. With a beautiful nest you can turn the baby bed into a cuddly resting zone in which your baby can feel comfortable and secure.

The nest belongs to the equipment of the baby room

These soft edgings for the crib, the cradle or the side bed ensure that your baby sleeps undisturbed. Quickly, the little ones also begin to move around in bed. Then there is a risk that they bump into the bars. The soft padding all around protects the baby from this. Therefore, such a nest, the padded bed surround, necessarily belongs to the equipment of the baby room. Cuddly upholstered and nicely covered bed surrounds for baby crib or cradle can be found either for the upper head area in the bed or all around for the entire crib. For newborn babies, the pads for all four crib walls are particularly suitable. We offer baby nests here from brand manufacturers in the best quality made of high-quality, tested materials for your baby.

Beautiful designs for baby's nest

From manufacturers such as Childhome, Lifetime or Flexa we present beautiful cuddly nests for your baby. The nests are easy to attach to the crib or cradle with ribbons. They protect the baby from bright light, drafts, but also from too many impressions that could prevent him from falling asleep. You can find baby nests in the most beautiful delicate designs. Choose from such chic colors as turquoise, pink, white, light blue, green or pink. Printed are the crib pads then still with the most diverse pretty patterns, for example, with teddy bears or stripes. You can choose the design to match the bedding set. The quality crib pads are easy to care for, 100% free of harmful substances and pleasantly soft. With the one of the wonderfully pretty, cuddly soft nests you create your baby a little dream island for security and warmth in the crib or in the cradle.