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The side table - A practical piece of furniture.

Furnishing a living room is done in a practical and space-saving way, so that there is enough free space and the possibilities of movement are not limited. But often it is the small things in life that come in handy and find a place even in the smallest corner. A side table, for example, does not require very much space and can be used in many ways. It serves as an eye-catcher for selected accessories or as a practical storage option for drinks, for magazines or for the remote control.

Side tables in various designs

A side table is available in many different designs, sizes and colors and can have a different surface texture. It can be easily adapted to the already existing conditions and requires very little space. The height of a side table is relatively low, so it can be used individually. In addition, the small tables are often equipped with four casters to change the location conveniently. The manufacturer Miroxx thus combines modern design and attractive appearance with a high flexibility and thus contributes many times over to the individual use. Simple and plain, elegant and extravagant, the different designs allow use in any area of the apartment, because they blend harmoniously into the environment.

A special ambience in all areas of the apartment

The small tables can be easily integrated into any area of the apartment. Whether in a modern or a traditional interior, they emphasize the style of the room and help to create a special ambience. Renowned manufacturers and designers have created a piece of furniture with the side table, which takes up very little space, but is distinguished by its versatility. For example, the manufacturer Spinder combines a white or black lacquered steel frame with a storage surface made of crystal glass or wood. The tables are simple in design, but it is precisely this simplicity and the combination of different materials that make them an eye-catcher in any room.