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Buy wall shelf and enliven the ambience.

If a room seems too static for you, you may have avoided a wall shelf until now. By integrating the interior accessory, you open another layer and the setting looks more dynamic. Now before you buy a wall shelf, the use and room design should be considered. Thus, the appropriate model from our range is quickly in sight.

Besides pictures and indirect light sources, shelves are the most significant elements for wall decoration. Even if you paint a room in a warm basic tone, extended empty spaces up to the ceiling can make the ambience seem cool. Paintings can break this monotony. When you buy a wall shelf, you also benefit from the loosening three-dimensionality and functionality of the home accessory. In addition, you can vary the exhibits draped on it, and there is always a new impression when you enter the room. Designers have long ceased to limit themselves to the pragmatic features when designing a wall shelf. That is why you will discover with us not only models in different colors and styles. Unusual shelves for wall mounting advance themselves to the eye-catcher and can even be responsible for the extraordinary flair of the room.

Modern wall shelf for more storage space, comfort or charisma

Wohnzimmermöbel bei 123moebel.de

For the long-term furnishing of the bedroom or other living rooms are preferred timeless and discreet design lines. Thus, the basic equipment remains open to new trends and changing tastes of residents. So it is all the more gratifying that you can now buy an expressive wall shelf. Models in vintage look or retro style give the setting a new character with a few simple steps. Similarly, with a wall shelf in strong colors, you significantly freshen up the atmosphere of the room. You can resort to both a single piece and effective sets. If the design of the wall shelf speaks for itself, a few objects are enough for decorating. Thus, the design of the piece of furniture will be more effective. Alternatively, you can buy a wall shelf to make everyday life comfortable. For example, install storage in the dining area, where shapely salt shakers, pepper mills and napkin dispensers are ready. This will save you a few trips when setting the table. It is equally ideal if you buy a wall shelf for the children's room. Integrate display areas that are decorated to match the current preferences of the offspring. In addition, you can install shelves around the desk, where school books and teaching materials will have a regular place. With the intended use should also correspond to the material and design. For bookshelves, side walls are relevant if you do not want to use additional supports. Also, the weight of the reading material should not be underestimated. Therefore, sturdy materials such as solid wood or MDF board are important for a heavy load.