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A bed canopy or canopy is a wonderful way to beautify a crib with a few simple steps. In addition, you create a welcome retreat for your child.

Through such a canopy you set a playful accent in the nursery, just as it should be for the imaginative realm of your favorite. The bed canopy also contributes to a pleasant sleeping environment, as your child will feel protected and yet can always look "outside".

Children also need peace and quiet from time to time!

"Every child, boy or girl, likes to retreat from time to time and needs areas that tend to be off-limits to parents as well," our childcare colleague explained to us. The fabrics of the bed canopies pleasantly dim the light without creating darkness. That gives security. They create a little oasis of retreat without making the child feel closed off. With a pretty and creatively designed bed canopy, anyone can create their very own princess or prince bed.

How do I attach the crib bed canopy?

Betthimmel für Himmelbetten bei

The canopy is a classic canopy, which is attached to the ceiling above the crib and then spreads over the bed as a light fabric cover. The fabric falls in such a way that it envelops the entire bed. It looks a little like something out of the Arabian Nights. The canopy has an opening on one side, so that the entrance side to the bed can be left free at any time by pulling open the curtain.

Lifetime offers a special roof construction for loft beds as a variant of the classic bed canopy. This is an attachment for the loft bed, through which a supporting cross linkage carries the light fabric and in this way creates a lot of space in the bed. Lifetime offers its colorful bed canopy with numerous motifs!


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If you now want to give your child a special treat and make going to bed even more inviting, at you will find an appealing selection of bed canopies from various well-known manufacturers such as Dove, Dolphin and Lifetime. Our trained staff will be happy to advise you on your choice, so that you can find exactly the model that not only fits perfectly to your crib, but also puts a smile on your darling's face.