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Heimtextilien bei 123moebel.de

Home textiles - ornaments for a home to feel good.

Home textiles for decorative purposes can be found everywhere in the house. Decorative pillows to match the bedding and a chic bedspread give the bedroom additional coziness and invite you to linger. Rugs, pillows and blankets in the living room round out the style of the living room and can add colorful accents that make the room look like a harmonious whole. In every room in the house home textiles find their place. They decorate the room and thus give it its own unique personality. The choice of materials and patterns influence the appearance of the room and can thus provide an individual design character. This is how home textiles add the finishing touch to any home.

The perfect carpet for every room

Carpets are simple design options that influence the perception of the room. They radiate coziness and also have a sound-absorbing effect, which further enhances the homely atmosphere. Nevertheless, when choosing the "perfect" carpet, there are a few things to consider in order to create the desired effect. For example, the size of the carpet is crucial. Carpets that are too small quickly get lost in the room, while carpets that are too large can have a constricting effect. In addition, the color scheme of the carpet is of great importance. Thus, the carpet can pick up the colors predominant in the room or deliberately contrast with them. Lighter carpets radiate calm and relaxation and make the room look visually larger. Darker and warm shades exude a sense of warmth and coziness. Colorful color and patterns are particularly suitable for rooms where creativity and energy prevail. For example, in children's rooms. Another plus, on colorful patterned carpets possible stains are not so quickly noticeable. In our extensive children's carpet assortment you will find numerous carpets in a variety of colors and patterns.

Cuddly and cozy decoration

Heimtextilien bei 123moebel.de

Whether in bedrooms, living rooms or children's rooms pillows in any shape, color and size can be found everywhere. As a decoration, they exude a cozy feel-good atmosphere. Depending on their appearance, they can complement the style of the room, reflect characteristic colors of the season or set a skillful contrast. In our shop you can find suitable and trendy pillows for any style of interior. Round, with sequins or fringes, made of velvet or with button quilting in our large selection of decorative pillows everyone will find. In addition, our pillows are made of high-quality materials such as cotton or polyester and are very comfortable, so that nothing stands in the way of a little nap. With especially colorful and playful pillows you can create a little cozy corner in the children's room for reading and relaxing.

Stylish blankets and plaids additionally emphasize the cuddly decoration. As a bedspread on the bed, they give your bedroom a decorative design character and a cozy atmosphere, while protecting the bedding from everyday dirt and dust. On cold days, a bedspread provides warmth in addition to the bedspread. Blankets and plaids on the sofa mostly serve decorative purposes and add the finishing touch to the overall look of the room. In the evening, they invite you to cuddle up and linger on the couch. While quilted or microfiber blankets are mostly used as bedspreads, softer blankets made of cotton as well as knitted blankets are rather used to snuggle up on the couch.