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Great accessories for children's beds and occasional furniture at

Safety plays the biggest role in a child's room, because only then can children play unsupervised without you as parents having to worry all the time. So a children's room should not only be modern and playful, but also safe. To ensure the greatest possible safety, there are special accessories for the crib.

Create the perfect balance in the children's room

Especially the loft bed and the loft bed with slide, also called play bed, wait with an incredible amount of accessories. Here we leave out the decorative elements, that is, the textile accessories (play tunnels, curtains and some more in this category).
The children's bed is usually more than just a piece of furniture for sleeping, as it is for adults. Especially as a loft bed, it is the center of the room.
So that the furniture of the children's room of the little ones all fit together, various shelves, desk and possible storage systems can be purchased as accessories for the crib.

Space-saving and practical: the auxiliary furniture for children's beds.

The small bookshelf at the front of the bed is insanely practical: not only the one or other book that is being read can be safely stored there, you could also put something to drink or a music player here.
The loft bed with desk has had its permanent place in many children's rooms for many years. Just like beds that hold wardrobes, pull-out beds or guest beds. Even small children's rooms thus offer enough space for the child to develop.

Conversion kits for loft beds, play beds and bunk beds

Another large area are the conversion kits for children's beds. takes great care to offer furniture that is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. This alone is why we carry so much children's furniture made of solid wood. Another important point is the possibility that especially the children's beds are flexible.
We carry numerous beds that grow with the child and adapt to the child's particular needs. This means a loft bed can easily be converted into a bunk bed, or a single bed lounger can be turned into a play bed with a slide. The combinations are manifold.


wandelbare und flexible Hochbetten zum Umbauen und zum Erweitern


Safety is important - fall protection & Co.

Accessories for children's beds are not only practical or look good, often they also serve the safety of your child. The fall-out protection, also called fall protection, is probably the best example here. A raised border around the bed will save your child from falling to the floor. Small children in particular move around a lot while sleeping.
Therefore, a fall protection is indispensable. If the children still use the bed for playing and the lying surface is raised at the same time, you should not hesitate and order a raised fall protection to the bed in addition.

But it is not only during sleep and play that an extra portion of safety is needed. In the morning, when the kids are not yet asleep, or in the evening, when they are already tired, the risk of injury increases. To prevent this from happening, many loft bed ladders have extra-wide steps with slip-resistant properties and sturdy handles. writes service in capital letters

No matter what kind of accessories you are looking for for the children's bed and to what extent you want to make the children's room safe, the trained specialist staff at will be happy to help you. We take time for you and advise you comprehensively and individually to fulfill your wishes exactly as you expect!