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Mattresses and slatted frames for the children's room at

Especially children and teenagers need very good beds. Some make the mistake of focusing solely on the design of the bed frame and its workmanship when buying a bed. However, the sleeping comfort depends significantly on completely different things. The bed consists not only of a frame, but also of a slatted frame and a mattress. High-quality products are for the children's bed and especially the loft bed a growth-promoting base for restful sleep. And a well-rested and rested child not only learns better, but you as a parent will also enjoy your child more when he or she is happy and receptive and can actively participate in life. A good slatted frame and a good mattress are the prerequisites for exactly that.

Finding the right mattress

A mattress must withstand many influences. Not only the impact of weight over a long period of time, but also humidity and temperature are significant. A selection of high-quality materials offers safety in the field of mattresses for the youth and children's room. Whether for the sofa bed, futon bed, loft bed or a bed lounger - always offers you the right mattress. We have a specially and carefully composed range of mattresses with many different fillings, including, of course, some that are suitable for allergy sufferers. Various toppers, for example against moisture from above, are available. Please pay attention to the size of the bed frame when choosing. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on this subject.

We have for you a good selection of:

  •     Cold foam mattresses
  •     Block foam mattresses
  •     Spring mattresses
  •     Latex mattresses

The slatted frame is more important than you might think

A suitable slatted frame (or is it the slatted frame? You can probably say both) is also important for healthy sleep. Different shapes and materials offer the necessary variety here. At the end of 2014, Stiftung Warentest, among others, found that so-called multi-zone slatted frames are no better or worse than ordinary slatted frames. To be better, the 5-, 7-, or 9-zone slatted frames would have to be individually adjusted to one's own body size and sleeping behavior. So it depends more on your own condition. Would you prefer a roll slatted frame or a frame slatted frame, can it be 15, 16 or 21 slats? For children, the choice of slatted frame is not yet as relevant as for adults, this is due to the much lower weight. Nevertheless, you should of course make sure that your offspring lies comfortably and sleeps well.

The right combination of mattress and slatted frame is important

A suitable mattress and slatted frame are medically relevant. Children and adolescents grow quickly. If a bad posture occurs, which is favored by a bad and unsuitable mattress, it can lead to more serious complications. The curative therapy is then costly, lengthy and often painful for the child. Due to the growth phases, the mattress and slatted frame should be replaced after a few years.

The filters in the store will help you quickly find the desired product. In addition to the price range, you can also choose between top brands. Whether Flexa, Dolphin, Hoppekids or Kretschmar: the selection of the suitable lying surface is also part of the search filter. If you are not sure which products are best for your child or for you, we at will be happy to help.

Spare parts are no problem

Children like to romp - even if you admonish them not to jump on the bed or jump around on it with friends. It may well happen, for example, that a slat of a slatted frame breaks, or another part of the slatted frame needs to be replaced. With us you can find these spare parts and order them cheaply. When choosing, pay attention to the bed frame, because not all items are compatible with each other. In the product details, the relevant data can be found. In case of ambiguities and questions about the suitable slatted frame, the competent service is available, whether in the online live chat, via mail or even on the phone.

For which bed are you looking for a mattress and slatted frame?

If you are also looking for a cheap and high-quality children's bed, is the right address for you. With probably the largest selection of children's beds in Germany, you are sure to find the right bed for your offspring, whether it's a loft bed, a bunk bed or a single bed lounger. You also benefit not only from the wide range, but also from the customer service at