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The nursery carpet as an eye-catcher and center of the play world

A children's room carpet brings coziness into the realm of little princesses and racers. Most of the mainly handmade children's carpets from Kids Concept and Lifetime Original are made of natural materials such as cotton or virgin wool. They are fluffy and soft and invite to cuddle and play on the floor.

Not only beautiful to look at

A carpet for the children's room is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also fulfills other tasks. It serves as a warm playing surface, soft gym mat, operating table for the beloved stuffed animal when it needs to be examined by the child's doctor, but also as a sound absorber when the tower of building blocks collapses.

Carpets for children's room in many colors, shapes and sizes

In a lovingly decorated children's room, you can set special accents with a children's carpet. Or you can choose harmoniously coordinated accessories such as the ever-popular children's measuring stick, a toy box or similar in design to match the children's room carpet.

Size matters

The selection of carpets for the children's room is large: stars in different colors, owls, racing cars, zoo animals and colorful patterns in different color combinations can be integrated into many themed worlds. Depending on the space available in the realm of your children, round or rectangular children's carpets are suitable. The round ones usually have a diameter of 120 cm, the rectangular children's room carpets are between 70 cm and 120 cm wide and between 120 cm and 180 cm long. Thus, you will also find formats that fit perfectly under one of the beautiful loft beds from Flexa, Dolphin or Lifetime. Already your offspring have a warm and cozy surface in your play den.

The nursery rug serves as a creative playground

Children love to play on the floor. A cozy base in the form of a colorful children's rug supports creative play with puzzles, building blocks, dolls, stuffed animals and all role-playing games in which the nursery rug can represent a raft, boat or island. There are no limits to the imagination. And if after extensive playing the little ones are overcome by fatigue and fall asleep comfortably curled up in the middle of their play world, you can confidently let your little princess or your offspring racer sleep on the nursery carpet, because they can not cool down on it.

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