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Flur und Diele - Garderoben, Spiegel, Wandhaken bei 123moebel.de

Noble wall coat racks and panels for your hallway.

The hallway is more than just an intermediate area in the home - it connects the inside with the outside and deserves special attention when furnishing your own home. Get to know the advantages of a wall coat rack and order your favorite design at 123moebel.de!

Practical space miracle

Wall coat racks and wall panels are useful everyday helpers that provide order in the hallway. Unlike a coat closet, such a piece of furniture requires much less space. Also, the floor underneath remains free, so if necessary, a shoe rack or the like can be positioned there. The convenience of individual hooks is that they can be placed at different heights - in the way that best suits adults and children. As a practical miracle of space, a wall coat rack is recommended especially for smaller hallways. In larger hallways, the wall panel makes a useful addition to the coat closet. It keeps jackets, scarves and caps within reach at all times.

Chic wall design

In addition to functionality, wall coat racks and panels also have a lot to offer in terms of appearance. They are suitable as a decorative element for a chic wall design. Choose from models in different shapes and designs: simple designs with several hooks are available as well as playful variants that inspire, for example, with a floral pattern. In addition, there are wall coat racks and panels with colorful drawers and those that consist of individual hooks in a trendy vintage look.

Flur und Diele - Garderoben, Spiegel, Wandhaken bei 123moebel.de

Wall coat racks at 123moebel.de

Whether you want a classic wall panel made of wood or a modern wall coat rack made of brushed stainless steel: 123moebel.de offers you a varied range of products. Some models are made of MDF, oak or pine wood, others are made of plastic or have glass elements. Choose between wardrobes that are equipped only with hooks and those that also have a hanger bar and / or hat shelf. Each item is the manufacture of a reputable manufacturer: we offer wall coat racks and panels from Steens and Spinder.

Functionalize and decorate your hallway!

Buy a wall coat rack or wall panel at 123moebel.de and you will secure a piece of furniture that is a practical space miracle and chic wall design in one. Thanks to these features, putting on and taking off your going out clothes is easy. And the hallway, this often neglected space, gets a stylish touch at the same time!

We will be happy to advise you!

If you have any questions about the individual products or would like competent advice, the friendly specialist staff at 123moebel.de will of course be happy to help you in word and deed. To contact us, use our live chat, our hotline under the number 0800 - 5700 400 or contact us with your request by E-Mail.