Wooden Baby Toys

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Holzspielzeug wie Spielküchen, Werkbänke und Kaufläden bei 123moebel.de

Learning through play with wooden toys

Wooden toys are among the oldest toys of all. Who doesn't have fond memories of their childhood days with play kitchens, toy stores and wooden trains? Today, the classic is celebrating its comeback - numerous manufacturers have recognized this and rediscovered the popular wooden toy. Compared to plastic toys, wooden toys seem almost like a "haven of peace". Deliberately reduced shapes do not overstimulate and specifically stimulate the imagination of your children. Whether for learning, for promoting dexterity or motor skills - toys made of wood stimulate the senses and ideally support the development of your "little ones". In addition, wooden toys are made of natural, stable and durable materials. They are almost "unkapputtbar" and still provide years of fun. It is not unusual for them to be passed on to younger siblings, friends or neighbors. Even if they fall down or are thrown, they remain undamaged in most cases. They are easy to clean and splinter less than plastic, which prevents small mishaps or even injuries, especially in the early years. Along the way, wooden toys encourage creativity, improve motor skills and are completely safe to put in the mouth. Whether you're looking for the perfect toy for your baby or toddler, you'll find all kinds of colorful wooden toys from a wide variety of labels and manufacturers.

Wooden toys as individual as your child

Play is the window to the world for children. Whether for baking or cooking - there is always a lot going on in our wooden play kitchens. When playfully recreating everyday situations, the "little ones" let off steam and give free rein to their creativity. For a play experience that is as close to reality as possible, we also offer your children a variety of "cool" accessories such as dishes, toaster or coffee maker that make cooking an adventure. But not only that: with the great car workshop from Little Dutch, the children's workbench or the store from Flexa, your children have the opportunity to slip into the role of adults and learn important lessons for later life. We have also rediscovered the traditional building blocks and the wooden train set that grandma and grandpa already know from their childhood days. We inspire the very "little ones" with our colorful wooden toy cars or the robust stacking games. Easily graspable shapes make playing an experience, while at the same time encouraging the drive to discover. Colorful motor skills toys are especially popular with toddlers and promote fine motor skills in a playful way.