Wood vehicles & Co.

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Holzspielzeug wie Holzfahrzeuge und Rennbahnen bei 123moebel.de

No speed limit for wooden vehicles & Co.

We at 123moebel.de have a wide range of different wooden vehicles for children of all ages! The wooden cars & Co. are colorful and designed with great attention to detail. This guarantees fast-paced fun on the play car race track!


For children from 12 months

Close enough to touch: Grippy play cars for the little ones

For the little ones, you will find cute grip cars with a rounded shape here at 123moebel.de. Through a large opening in the middle of the wooden vehicle, your baby can take it particularly well in hand and hold. Thus, the little ones get a feeling for colors and materials at an early age.

Just like in real life: Role play with wooden cars and planes

Children of all ages are fascinated when they can watch the "big" vehicles at a real construction site, when mom or dad overtakes a tractor or a police, rescue or fire truck whizzes past with lots of tattoo.
Of course, we also have wooden vehicles for children aged 12 months and older with and without figures in our range, with which your little observer can re-enact scenes that he has seen in everyday life, for example, or with which he can dive into his own (vehicle) fantasy world.
As in real life the trucks, of course, the plug-in play trucks that you find here at 123moebel.de have cargo that needs to be transported. In the children's room, however, it is different wooden shapes and different sized wooden rings that find their place in or on the wooden vehicle. In the process, your child can develop a sense of different shapes and sizes.

For children from 18 months

Zigzagging down the race track

Racing tracks, where the little ones can let their toy cars zigzag down the track, not only provide a lot of fun for your offspring, but also promote visual and haptic perception as well as observation skills and hand-eye coordination. And it's interesting for any rowdy to see how the little cars "shimmy" from top to Bottom.

Holzspielzeug wie Holzfahrzeuge und Rennbahnen bei 123moebel.de

Not only on land, but also in the air and in the water: vehicles made of rubber

For little high-flyers from 18 months, we at 123moebel.de offer wooden airplanes. With these, the little ones can take to the air - figuratively speaking, of course! So: Ready for Take Off?
In addition to wooden airplanes, which cause some turbulence in the children's room, there are bath toys from the Belgian manufacturer PlanToys, which are made of eco-wood from natural rubber trees and are a successful sustainable alternative to squeaky plastic toys.
With the wooden boats in different designs, your child is guaranteed to turn into the captain of the bathroom! The little ships are steered criss-cross through the high waves of the stormy sea and around high foam mountains until they arrive safely in the harbor of the bathtub.

For children from the age of three

Paddling around until the pit stop

For children from the age of three, there is a large selection of vehicles and sceneries including accessories where your offspring can give free rein to their creativity. There's the task of getting from the fire station to a fire, working on a construction site with a crane & co. or coordinating air traffic from the airport.
The bigger the little ones, the more complex and extensive the toys can be. Little tinkerers can now assemble road systems industriously, part by part, until their own road runs right through the nursery. If that's not fast enough for your child, we at 123moebel.de also have car racetracks - on which they can drive rallies until they drop!

Traffic signs in small to prepare for the traffic jungle of the big ones

A set of wooden traffic signs teaches children the first rules of the road. What do you have to do at a stop sign? What do the numbers on a sign actually mean? And which sign shows road users where they can park or where there is a crosswalk? Toddlers learn all this in a playful way and can thus practice finding their way through the traffic jungle at an early age.