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Nachttische und Nachtkonsolen für Kinderbetten und Spielbetten

Bedside table and night consoles for the little ones

If you take a look at your bedside table as an adult, you will usually see an alarm clock and often your smartphone lying there. Why should children need a nightstand in their bedrooms? After all, especially at a young age, these things are neither important nor present. But instead, other equally important and cherished things take first place, such as the favorite read-aloud book, the favorite stuffed animal or the favorite toy.

The right bedside table for every child's room

When choosing the right bedside tables, it depends on the design of the children's room and on the children's bed and its height. The selection is enormously flexible and large, so that the most diverse solutions can be easily and quickly integrated into a child's room. Starting with sliding bedside tables on wheels, which can convince with their large storage space even away from the bed as a storage solution, to stable and fixed bedside tables in a wide variety of colors and materials, which you can find here at And if it is not possible otherwise, for example in the case of a loft bed, flexibly designed storage areas without storage space or shelves that can be hung on the bed can be realized. This creates an individual and, above all, practical solution for every child and every child's room, with enough shelf space or storage space for the child's own Needs.

Materials optimally suited for children's rooms

When choosing different products and suppliers, we pay attention to the best quality. After all, the health of children is enormously important, especially since a bedside table is naturally placed at the head of the bed. For this reason, our well-known and popular suppliers such as Flexa, Dolphin, Bopita, Hoppekids, Lifetime and Manis-h are convincing not only because of the many, different designs, but especially because of the enormously high-quality workmanship of the individual products. The suppliers and producers pay strict attention to the fact that only materials and varnishes are used that are not hazardous to health - for example, the environmentally friendly varnishes are water-based, and the wood used comes from controlled forestry.
In addition, you will often find rounded corners and edges on the furniture to minimize the risk of injury. Regardless of whether you want a simple side table as a bedside table or a large and spacious solution in which, for example, books or cuddly toys find space, you will find in our range under guarantee.

We are happy to advise you!

If you have any questions about the individual products or would like expert advice, the friendly specialist staff at will of course be happy to help you in word and deed. To contact us, please use our live chat or send us an email with your request.