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Buy practical bed bags for children's bed online at!

If you plan to transform the children's room into a paradise, then the use of bags - more precisely bed bags - for the loft bed is a good idea. These are available in a wide range of variations, with great motifs and in many colorful designs.
Browse our store to discover the variety of design options for children's beds.

The fascination of loft beds

Provided that you choose a loft bed for the children's room, you save some space in the rooms. After all, a loft bed creates storage space under the bed, which you can fill in the most diverse ways. With the practical bed bags for the crib, you can create additional storage space in which children can store all sorts of odds and ends. On top of that, these bags create additional play stimuli.

The advantages of the bags

With the bags for loft bed, you will give the children's beds of our brand manufacturers such as Flexa, Dolphin or Hoppekids a friendlier touch.
After all, many bags are characterized by child-friendly, colorful motifs. Your boys will feel like knights, pirates or like rock stars, beautiful flower and princess motifs for the girls will bring the sparkle and glitter into the children's room. Motifs such as zoo animals, jungle or different color combinations, are best suited for all children!

Another advantage is also in the order that is created with the bags. Tidying up is even easier with the help of these bags. It does not matter whether the bags are large or small. With them, a special system of order can move in with the toy. Thus, their children have a neat room and can always build a different world of games. Finally, the bags also provide ideas for stimulating games.
Not to mention, you as parents are happy about the tidy children's room!


The advantages of the configurator from Dolphin

Your children want their nursery with a completely individual design? With the Multicolor series, you can customize the loft bed from Dolphin with the complete textile accessories.
After that, experimenting with the colors is possible. The lively character in a child's room is better supported with the design of bags for loft bed in two colors.

The easy way to choose the bags

Order your bags for loft bed conveniently online. See for yourself how easy it is to bring a new order into the children's rooms. Do you need more information about the bags? Or do you have questions about one of our products? The competent staff at will be happy to answer them by phone or E-Mail.