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Play is substantial for the brain development of babies and children

Play is incredibly important and for babies as well as children a basic need like eating, drinking and sleeping. Especially in the first years of life, the brain develops gradually and important neural pathways are still forming, synapses are built. This happens through information that babies receive and process visually and auditorily, but also through experiences that the bundles of joy make. This involves observing the environment as well as stimuli and perceptions that the little ones make during play, for example. Statistically, children play for around 15,000 hours in the first six years of their lives. Crazy, isn't it? Naturally, the toys have to withstand a lot and are often subjected to a lot of wear and tear. When selecting our manufacturers, we at therefore pay close attention to ensuring that the quality is only the best!
Even for the smallest of the little ones, you will find various types of baby toys that challenge and stimulate the senses of your little treasure. And they are made of wood or fabric - far away from gaudy, battery-operated plastic toys that simply overwhelm babies and are anything but environmentally friendly.

First experiences with touch and crackle cloths

Babies love anything that makes funny noises and is cuddly, such as touch and crackle cloths. These are already extensively explored by the very youngest. Different materials, shapes and colors arouse their interest. In addition, the cloths are also so nice and cuddly! Activity books are also great for stimulating baby's senses: Here, the dwarves can turn the pages and discover new things on every page.

Reaching for the stars - or simply for a rattle or play ball

From the very first day after birth, babies have a grasping reflex. For example, as soon as daddy touches the palms of his offspring's hands, the little one grips his fingers really tightly. At this early stage of development, this is still an unconscious behavioral pattern on the part of the infant. Within the first few months, this automatic reflex slowly recedes. In the meantime, however, babies discover their little hands and feet and what they can do with them. They quickly discover, for example, that you can grab and lift all kinds of things with your little fingers. A rattle or a play ball is now the absolutely perfect object to keep your baby busy: Because not only can you grab them, lift them and throw them around, many of the balls and rattles also make funny noises when you move them.

Boredom in the crib or stroller? Not with mobiles and stroller chains!

Babies want to be kept busy. Preferably around the clock! It makes no difference whether they are dog-tired in their crib or being taken for a walk in the stroller. Action is needed, but hurry up!
Mobiles are a great way to entertain your child in the nursery. They can be attached to the ceiling, the crib or the playpen. Mobiles come in many variations - with or without music, with animals, vehicles or stars.
For baby carriages and baby car seats, baby carriage chains and activity spirals are great for keeping the baby occupied for a while. What is that dangling around? And how does it feel? And the car ride becomes a breeze - in the truest sense of the word!

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Standing on your own two feet

As soon as your child can crawl and pull himself up on his own to stand at a table, chairs or sofa, it won't be long before he takes his first steps. This usually starts at the age of about one year. In the beginning, the first attempts to walk still take place on mom's or dad's hands, then they walk back and forth between the two. As a proud parent, you naturally count every single step that comes along. But soon you can't count as fast and as much as your little treasure takes steps. A baby walker that children can push in front of them is a great help when their offspring can't walk as long as they'd like without a support. Isn't it just too cute when the little diaper rocker stomps around and pushes the baby walker in front of him? Of course, it's best if your sweetheart has enough room in it to push his favorite teddy bear or building blocks around.

Speeding through the area on a slide or a running bike

Before or while the little ones learn to walk, they can already race through the apartment on a slide. This is suitable for children as young as one year old. A running bike is ideal for children who can already walk safely. By the way, a running bike is a great way to prepare your child for riding a bike! Your child will be as proud as an oskar when he or she can ride around on his or her first wheeled vehicle. In the process, your junior will learn to keep his balance in a very playful way, which is very helpful when it comes to riding a bike!
Even with a running bike, it is advisable to purchase a bicycle helmet for your child if you are going to be out and about with it.

Sleep, little child, sleep ... With music boxes to the land of dreams

After a busy day with lots of action and input, it's time for a nap and for your little one to process all the impressions he or she has been subjected to. But some babies and children find it difficult to switch off and simply fall asleep.
Music is a true magic formula, because it's balm for baby and children's ears. After all, the little ones are already used to rhythm: from mom's tummy, where they have heard her heartbeat for months. But also voices and, of course, music.
Especially when falling asleep, the little ones often still need accompaniment. For this, we at recommend music boxes, whose melodies can have an incredibly calming effect on those who refuse to sleep.
By the way, music boxes are also ideal for distraction: If your child just won't lie still while being changed, simply wind up a music box and try to distract your child with it.