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Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten für das Kinderzimmer bei

Find great storage options for the children's room at

A neat and tidy children's room gives great pleasure not only to the little ones, but also to you. As a parent, you can make an active contribution to order in your children's rooms and simplify the storage of toys and clothes, small and large things, books or computer games.
If tidying up is then supported by great storage options for the children's room, then it literally becomes a breeze!

From closet to bookshelf

With each age stage of your child, a new desire to furnish their own children's room arises and you as parents are then in the duty to meet the wishes and needs of the offspring.
In order for the little ones to consider tidying up as something normal, you should get them used to it as early as possible. The best way to do this is through play. And what helps better than furniture that can be used intuitively and playfully for children - like the great furniture from the series Flexa Play.

A very hot tip for smaller rooms is the loft bed, especially in combination with shelves and cabinets that can be placed underneath. You can not arrange the children's room more space-saving.

With closets and bookshelves, the focus is then again on function and longevity, because this furniture can still be used as a teenager, even as an adult.
That's why we recommend solid wood, a natural and extremely durable raw material that will still give you a lot of pleasure in twenty years. Calculated on this duration, the closets and bookshelves are truly a bargain!

Cozy, playful, practical - storage in the children's room.

Even toddlers can learn to tidy up a shelf or dresser and place the most beautiful toys in their viewing area.
When your child gets to school, a bookshelf is not only decorative, but becomes a necessity. Then your child will need space to do homework and a child-sized desk with a swivel chair.
You can create the appropriate storage for jackets and caps with a coat hook and later with a coat rack.

Also with a stylish chest of drawers you will get storage space in the room and ensure a clear floor, without your child from now on will not be able to find his toys or school things, as well as clothes. The storage in the children's room section has the right solution for all small and important things, for books and clothes, and offers you various furniture from renowned brand manufacturers. We strongly recommend the furniture programs from:

  •     Flexa
  •     Dolphin
  •     Hoppekids
  •     Lifetime

Aufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten für das Kinderzimmer bei

The best storage for the children's room from

While your child focuses primarily on the design and develops a preference for a color and look, you as a parent pay attention to the quality and resilience of the furniture.
Both your ideas and the wishes of your children can be fulfilled when buying chests of drawers and shelves, coat hooks and other storage options in the children's room. To achieve this balancing act, our trained professional staff will be happy to advise you.
If your child grows into a teenager, a redesign of the living area is necessary. Because then the childish furniture is no longer suitable and your teenager has his own idea of how the storage of books and decorative things, or the stand for the TV should look like.
With these bookshelves and chests of drawers, chests and cabinets, as well as hooks and boards, you can find the right details for any child's room and keep it tidy without sacrificing atmosphere.

Mainly, your child should feel comfortable in his room and discover, experience and love this space as a retreat and own oasis.
With the appropriate furniture, you can stylishly design any children's room and create space to store all your child's things and positively influence the order.