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Decken für Babybetten bei 123moebel.de

Why go outside when you can wrap up in a blanket inside!

You know this yourself: There's nothing cozier than snuggling up in a blanket when it's chilly and uncomfortable outside, right? Kids like to snuggle up, too - whether they're big or small.
When it comes to cuddling, you've come to the right place! Because we at 123moebel.de have a large selection of super cuddly blankets in different sizes and made of a wide variety of materials.

For reading aloud on the couch

Every (small) child loves to snuggle up to mom and dad on the couch, for example, and be read to from a children's book or listen to an audio book. Cuddle time is family time, and after all, it's precious quality time! And if your favorite blanket is also part of the party, in which your offspring can comfortably wrap themselves, then the cuddle afternoon is perfect!

Brave the cool temperatures in stroller and buggy

When you're out and about in a stroller and buggy, it's always an advantage to have a blanket with you. In it, you can wrap your little treasure warmly when it's cold outside. A blanket to put over the legs when junior is in the stroller is also highly recommended. If the children run around by themselves, they quickly get warm, but as soon as the little ones are back in the buggy and their little eyes fall shut from tiredness, their little legs often get chilly. So that this does not happen, it is practical if a blanket belongs to the basic equipment of the baby carriage or buggy equipment!

The favorite blanket against homesickness

It doesn't matter whether you are going on vacation with your children, your offspring is spending the weekend with grandma and grandpa, or a school trip is on the agenda - if your favorite blanket that smells like home is there, homesickness will quickly be nipped in the bud and your child will have a piece of security with them and will feel much more comfortable. No matter where it is and how old it is.

You see: A cozy blanket is simply super important for children! Because it conveys warmth and security and it is great to snuggle up in it!