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Modern bed textiles for loft and play beds

Textilien für Hochbetten wie Kissen, Taschen, Tunnel und Vorhänge

The first own room is a special event for all children. Many parents put a lot of effort into decorating the child's room, but it only gets a personal touch with the help of bed textiles.
They are available in a wide range for girls and boys of all ages. The range of textiles for a loft bed, bunk bed or play bed extends from bed curtains and bed tunnels to washable canopies.
It is easy to find the right bed textiles for every child and every child's room. Parents can create a dream nursery for their child even for little money.

For the smallest it must be safe

Bed textiles not only give the loft or play bed a unique individual touch, they also have to be safe.
A curtain, for one, should be securely anchored to the bed, and at the same time, should immediately give way if a child ever gets tangled in it. It's much the same with a bed canopy or a bed tower. Brand manufacturers such as Dolphin, Flexa, Hoppekids or Lifetime are aware of parents' wishes for maximum safety and take these into account when manufacturing their high-quality textiles for a loft bed.

For children up to elementary school age, colorful themed textiles such as knight's castle, fairy tale castle and the like are simply ideal. They can not only sleep fantastically in their loft bed, but also play imaginatively thanks to Hoppekids bed textiles.

Teenagers have their very own wishes for their bed textiles

Fairy tale castle and knight's castle are now no longer in demand. A curtain that hides the lower part of the loft bed from curious looks of parents or beautiful pillows, on the other hand, are also popular with this age group.
It is usually necessary to purchase new furniture for the children's room again at the age of ten to twelve. Many children don't like it quite so colorful at this age, but still don't want to do without their retreats. Muted colors such as brown or beige are now just as much in demand as yellow, blue or green.

Manufacturers of bed textiles such as Flexa and Lifetime have adapted to the wishes of their discerning customers. Bed canopies in white or a delicate yellow are just as much a part of the range as pillows and even bed linen.


Textiles for the children's or teenager's room

No matter whether toddler, first grader or already teenager - safety and quality always come first. Right after that is sustainability in the manufacturing process and resource-conserving, socially responsible production.

Modern bed textiles are not only colorful, they are also free of harmful substances and have many loving details. So not only the child's heart beats faster, but also the heart of the parents!

Tip: Two bed-textile sets are better than one!

Once you get used to the sight of the crib with the appropriate embellishments, you simply do not want to miss it. But we all know our children and their friends. How quickly does it happen that chocolate gets on the curtain, juice drips onto the bed tunnel or a piece of candy gets stuck in a bed pocket?
For this reason we recommend: It's best to buy two sets at once. Then the one set will not be boring and you can easily change!