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Play Shops & Play Kitchens

Spielküchen und Kaufläden für Kinder bei 123moebel.de

Shopping, cooking and baking in the realm of dolls and cuddly toys

The store as a shopping paradise in the children's room

"Good afternoon, what would you like?" - "Well, I'd like three kilos of gummy bears, seven apples, a rubber duck, 13 bananas, 450 sausages, soap bubbles, four meters of milk and no spinach! Oh yes: and fifty lollipops! How much is that?" - "That will be one euro!"
Whew, shopping in a store can be pretty cheap! It's just too cute to watch your kids play and listen to their dialogue, isn't it?
Here at 123moebel.de, you'll find great products that you need for shopping in the kids' room - from manufacturers such as JaBaDaBaDo and Kids Concept. Everything is made of wood and lovingly crafted.
Of course, you pay at the checkout. Whether it's with play money, the wooden debit card, chocolate stars or gummy bears, it's up to your children!

Prepare delicious meals in the play kitchen

Your stomach is growling? How about gummy bear salad with orange juice dressing and pasta with no sauce? In the children's kitchens from Kids Concept, JaBaDaBaDo and Indigo Jamm, among others, your little top chef or star cook can really let off steam! After all, there are no limits to the imagination in the children's kitchen and the menu is convincing, isn't it! With suitable cookware, the specialties cook almost by themselves! And with a children's apron also the clothes stay clean and your offspring can be fully absorbed in his role!

Spielküchen und Kaufläden für Kinder bei 123moebel.de

Our insider tip: sweets for "teatime"!

The table in the children's room is set with an enchanting tea service and cuddly toys, the favorite doll as well as mom and dad are already sitting on little children's chairs quite excitedly. What will the little hosts serve their visitors? A delicious cake, cupcakes or pastries? Tea, cocoa, coffee, juice, water or lemonade? Everything was of course "prepared" by the little ones themselves - the matching equipment such as kitchen machines for little cake bakers and coffee makers can of course be found in our store!

Slip into the world of adults with role-playing games

Role-playing has an important meaning for children - it is exciting to take on the character of, for example, the cook, the baker, the salesperson or the hostess. Along the way, the little ones practice social behavior: They have to agree among themselves who takes on which role, they bring their own ideas into the game, have to assert themselves in order to realize their ideas, and finally learn that you also have to make compromises and stick to rules.
When children take on a role, they get to know their environment through different eyes. They come to terms with the world of the "grown-ups" and can empathize with other people or imitate them. The children often reenact situations that they know from everyday life or process their feelings and experiences. It is always interesting for parents to see what is on their children's minds.
But that's not all: role-playing also encourages children's creativity and imagination and improves their ability to speak and express themselves.

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