TV Boards

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The must-have in every modern living room

The living room is probably the room in one's home where the most electronics can be found. Starting with the TV, the DVD player, the stereo system, the TV receiver, various game consoles, all the way to the telephone and the WLAN module, everything is usually housed in the smallest of spaces. In order to prevent complete chaos from breaking out in your living room, and so that you can arrange it clearly and above all comfortably for yourself and your guests, the TV board was invented. It is equipped so that each device finds its place, cables can be neatly stowed and the TV board also exudes a lot of elegance.

An elegant piece of furniture that creates order

As a rule, you should match the TV board in terms of color and material to the rest of the furniture within your living room. Therefore, it is yet particularly practical that there are absolutely no limits here in terms of material. You can get TV boards made of wood, metal, glass and plastic. Depending on the manufacturer, you can also choose high-gloss fronts or real wood veneers. However, media furniture made of MDF is particularly popular, as this material is not only cheaper, but also easier to clean. The features of the boards also vary extremely. Many glass boards are very plain and are simply called a TV attachment, as they consist only of a shaped shelf. As a rule, however, TV boards, like the boards from Steens, have at least one open compartment and a drawer to accommodate the numerous devices without reservation. On the back of the TV board is usually a recess for cable management. This so-called cable opening ensures that the cables of the many electronic devices disappear neatly and inconspicuously. Now, if you want to bring some color into the game, you should choose a board that has a very interesting and colorful print or lettering.

Present your possessions and order

With one of the chic and at the same time practical TV boards preferably with several drawers and compartments, every movie night, whether alone or with friends, will be a real fun. Not only because of the order you now have to show around the TV, but also because you can perfectly present your valuable electronics on and in the TV board.