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Loft bed fall protection: safety when buying loft bed thanks to

Absturzsicherungen für mehr Sicherheit im Kinderzimmer bei

Children have a lot of temperament. Often enough, they are still going with a lot of vigor in the evening, when it is long past bedtime.
This can be problematic, because when the children are tired, the coordination decreases, And then sleep in a loft bed or a bunk bed, you should make sure that these beds have adequate fall protection.

Safe during the day when playing and at night when sleeping

If you want to use a thicker mattress, the fall protection that is available on many beds ex works is unfortunately no longer sufficient. After all, this should ensure good protection not only when sleeping, but also when playing.
The extra fall-out protection offers the greatest possible protection for your children and is available for all brand beds, from Flexa to Dolphin to Hoppekids or Lifetime.

Even for simple children's beds a fall-out protection is advisable

The most important instinct in us parents is that we want to protect our children from pain. And even if falling out of a simple, low crib isn't a big deal, the fright and bump that results can be relatively easily avoided by adding a fall-out guard, or fall protection.
Children, especially in their early years, move around a lot while they sleep. Fall protection keeps our little wanderers in check and ensures restful sleep. ... for the child and the parents! Special fall-out protection for nnormal beds is available, for example, for the Flexa Play children's beds.

It is not difficult to do something for the safety of your child

Offer your children extra safety, even if they use the loft bed with slide during the day to play. Too quickly they forget about their surroundings and immerse themselves in iihre world of play. Parents' foresight is what can prevent a bump or two here.
With a fall protection for the loft bed, you do everything necessary and can also sleep peacefully yourself. will be happy to advise you!

Order your fall protection for the children's bed conveniently online at If you still have questions about the beds or manufacturers such as Hoppekids and Flexa, talk to us. By e-mail or by phone, the specialist staff of is there for you and clarifies all your questions.
We will be happy to advise you so that you can find the best fall-out protection for the bed.