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A bookshelf fulfills in the children's room equally a practical purpose, as it sets an accent in the room design. Either way, in every children's room is such a shelf.
Whether as a room divider or book bar above the bed (for favorite books!), for school books above the desk or in solid wood design to match the closet, the variety is enormous and loosens up the room climate by the open design.

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Order is half the life, this is only too true. A tidy room leaves free space for creativity (in the truest sense of the word) and a natural environment contributes once again to inspire the thoughts of your child, because you have space!
At the latest at school age the bookshelf belongs to an important detail of the furnishing and serves as a storage for school books and reading material, with which children educate themselves and experience adventures. Gladly then these shelves are also used as room dividers, for example, to create a separation between the working and sleeping areas, or to delineate the play area.
If there are two or more children in a room, a room divider is also important to ensure a certain degree of privacy.

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We carry well-known and reputable brand and premium manufacturers to provide you with the highest level of quality. Among them are well-known names such as Flexa, Dolphin or even Hoppekids.
With bookshelves from these manufacturers, you are well equipped in the children's room. And what's more: the solid wood furniture is so well made, we are sure it can accompany you for a Lifetime.


Bookshelves and room dividers are more than just organized storage space.

Occasionally, a bookshelf can also serve as a space for a decorative accessory to find a nice place among or next to the books. Whether they are shelves that can be attached to the wall, shelves with multiple compartments to be placed on the floor, they always allow for a particularly versatile use.
Bookshelves come in different colors and with individual finishes, so you can choose a design according to your imagination and, of course, your child's preference. is the specialist market among online furniture stores.

You will find a wide variety of bookshelves for every room. Whether you choose a solid wood version or another, we are sure to be able to provide you with the furniture of your dreams.
Another tip: involve your child in the purchase and show him what bookshelf you would recommend for the nursery. Ultimately, you should meet the wishes of your child and can be sure that all the bookshelves in the category will convince in high quality and withstand the heavy load in the storage of books.
With a bookshelf in the children's room, you not only provide storage space, but also bring your children closer to the book as a printed work and encourage them to read.

If you need help choosing the solid wood bookshelves, room dividers or wall unit systems you want, just give us a call. Our staff will be happy to assist you.