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Wohnzimmermöbel - Aufbewahrungsmöbel, Regale, Schränke bei

Storage - Chest of drawers, shelves & sideboard

If you want to redecorate your home or have accumulated many things over the years and now there is not enough storage space, there are many great storage furniture with which you can quickly bring order to your home.

Whether shelf or chest of drawers - There is the right storage furniture for every room.

Are you still missing a piece of furniture in the hallway which serves both as a shelf, as well as additional storage space? Then a chest of drawers or a small sideboard is a good choice. Because on the surface, for example, a bowl for the keys or a mirror can find its place and in the drawers or compartments shoes, gloves, scarves and caps will find your permanent place. Thus, immediately after entering your home, all the accessories, your shoes and the key will be stowed in a fixed place and the rest can begin directly. In addition, a beautiful chest of drawers in a special design is a great eye-catcher, which also offers guests immediately a visual highlight when they enter your home. In the living room, bedroom or children's room shelves are always a good choice. Because these are not only for books, but are also ideal to place photos or decorative items in it, which gives the room immediately a completely different atmosphere. But especially in the bedroom, a chest of drawers or sideboard is a good addition to the closet, because you can store in it, for example, underwear, socks and bed linen, and at the same time gain a nice storage space with the Surface.

Wohnzimmermöbel - Aufbewahrungsmöbel, Regale, Schränke bei

Storage furniture is available even for the smallest apartment

Especially if you have only a small living space available, so it is important to use the available space ideally and thus create sufficient storage space. A shelf in the hallway is so quickly the permanent place for shoes and a small sideboard in the living room not only provides space for important documents, but can also become the location for the TV, if you do not want to mount it directly on the wall or wiring does not allow this. Shelves in the kitchen are the perfect place to store cleaning supplies, pans, pots and dishes, plus plenty of space for ingredients and cookbooks, so you can save on buying large and expensive kitchen cabinets. Similarly, a shelf or small dresser in the bathroom is a good place to store towels, hygiene and cosmetic products, because this way you will always have everything within reach. That's why it's important, especially in small apartments, to think through the interior carefully, so you can create a lot of extra storage space with storage furniture.