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Changing mats & Covers

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The diaper changing area as a playground for the senses

Changing diapers can be so nice! A pleasant changing place invites cuddling sessions. The baby is happy to get rid of his full diaper and enjoys interacting with the parents. A mobile above the changing area lets baby's eyes follow the individual figures. Squeaky toys stimulate the little one's hearing, while soft plush toys appeal to tactile stimuli. This turns the changing area into an adventure playground for the infant's senses.

Many beautiful changing pads are waiting for your baby

The baby can lie comfortably on a softly padded changing mat, and the elevations on the sides are designed to protect your infant from falling off the changing table in a careless moment. Nevertheless, the baby should never lie unattended on the changing table. It quickly becomes more mobile, and with it, the risk of falling increases. A wipeable changing mat is practical and quick to keep hygienically clean. A soft textile cover is more pleasant for the baby's delicate skin. This can be changed and washed if necessary. Childhome has numerous covers for changing pads made of cotton or terry cloth and jersey in the assortment. Choose from the extensive range the color that best harmonizes with your baby room. Many changing chests are multifunctional and can continue to be used as a shelf or chest of drawers after the diaper phase. Thanks to different heights, dimensions and designs, the changing chests fit into any baby room.

The changing unit as an oasis of well-being for the baby

The changing cushions from Flexa Baby transform the Flexa changing unit into a wellness oasis and the changing pads from Lifetime are the icing on the cake for the changing shelves from this manufacturer. Enjoy the moments when your fresh, good-smelling baby lies on the changing pad to be cuddled or tickled. Gurgling sounds and baby laughter fill the room. A soothing baby massage after a warm bath is relaxing for the baby and the parents, whose hearts swell at the sight of their contented infant. And when the baby then falls asleep peacefully on the soft changing pillow while getting dressed, all you have to do is put him in the crib and you can admire the little human child in peace and quiet.