For School Kids

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Successful start to School


Ergonomic all around

School enrollment is imminent? Now, at the latest, parents are faced with the question of the perfect desk? It should be functional and adapt optimally to the needs of your child. Sometimes upright, sometimes leaning back, sometimes bent forward - sitting still was yesterday. Today, school beginners should feel comfortable at their new desk and work in motion. This is the only way to make homework easy, effectively prevent back problems and make learning much more fun. A stable, ergonomically correct desk chair is also an absolute must. Our modern desks and children's swivel chairs specifically support dynamic and comfortable sitting. The majority of our products are adjustable in height or depth. This prevents posture problems in the long term and guarantees healthy sitting. Our children's swivel chairs have child-friendly seat and back cushions. In addition, especially when buying a desk, you should keep an eye on the future. If the children's desk is too low, it may be too small before the end of the school year. A model that is too large is often difficult for school beginners to reach and uncomfortable.

Everything for school

Our height-adjustable desks - some with adjustable work surfaces - simply grow with the child and often provide good service right through to university. The following applies to desks and children's swivel chairs: First and foremost, they must please your child and fulfill all functional and practical features. From the simple, Danish design of the Flexa brand to the solid wooden desks from Steens and the industrial style of the Woood label, our desk chairs and tables meet the individual requirements of your children. Whether with or without castors, height-adjustable, as a complete shelf combination, made of wood, metal or with drawers - our models are equipped with the most diverse functions and features. In addition, we offer a range of great accessories - from school supplies such as pencil cases, pencil or lunch boxes to money and gym bags to trendy backpacks. For the surprise on the first day of school, our funny Surprise Box of the brand Reisenthel provides.


As individual as your children

Are you looking for a desk that can be flexibly placed in the children's room and also looks "cool"? The Hoppekids and Flexa labels offer stylish children's desks on castors that can be conveniently moved from one corner to the other. Desks with integrated drawers offer enough storage space. With the models of the Steens brand, your children have the opportunity to easily store odds and ends, pens and craft supplies and make room for new ideas. Shelving systems with an integrated desk are particularly suitable for small children's rooms. Flexa offers your children a variable, growing system that leaves nothing to be desired. Matching desk chairs in a wide variety of colors. What applies to the desk or desk chair also applies to the accessories: it must please the schoolchild. Our colorful desk utensils such as pencil boxes, paper baskets, pencil cases or bookends of the brands Werkhaus, Reisenthal or Flexa beautify your child's everyday learning and promote creativity.