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Play Tents

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Holzspielzeug wie Werkbänke bei 123moebel.de

Fantasy rooms for the children's room

Play is not possible without imagination. When playing, children naturally transform their surroundings into another world full of adventures and new challenges. With a play tent, you give your child a fantasy space that invites them to play, dream and discover. Whether alone or with other children, there is always a play idea around the tent or play tunnel. Play tents have also proven themselves as a resting space and retreat for the little ones. And the lightweight textile structures are always safer than homemade caves or tunnels made of blankets and heavy pillows.

Scenes for creative games

Many of the tents and play tunnels at 123moebel.de can also be combined with children's beds. This creates the backdrop for exciting role-playing games in the children's room. Castles and palaces for knights and princesses, beach hideaways for treasure-seeking pirates. And of course there's the tepee, the classic among tents, so to speak. Back when you were a kid, didn't you look right out of your toy tent onto the vastness of the prairie? Play tents give your children the opportunity to actively play and move around even in bad weather. Best of all, their friends will love the many play options, too.

When it comes to play tents, parents expect quality - and so do children.

As parents, you can expect safety and excellent material quality for play tents and play tunnels, just as you can for our other toys. And children are happy that their new favorite toy from 123moebel.de will last a long time. This is ensured by the tested quality of our brand manufacturers such as Flexa, Kids Concept or Hoppekids. If you ever have questions about the products, then use our friendly online chat for advice. Over the phone or by e-mail we advise you of course just as gladly. Because we want you to choose the right play tents and play tunnels for your children: As a home for stuffed animals and dolls, as an adventure playground or as a retreat for picture book browsing, reading and dreaming. And we wouldn't be surprised if your imaginative child discovers a wonderland at the other end of the tunnel like Alice.