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Accessories for baby room furniture

The safety of babies and toddlers should come first at all times, but even the most attentive parents can't keep an eye on their offspring every second. That's one of the reasons why you should equip your baby crib with the right accessories that will help you prevent all kinds of accidents. Our corresponding category contains a wide range of items, most of which will better secure your baby furniture or are simply practical accessories.

Prevent accidents

Under accessories for baby furniture, you will primarily find attachments such as grids or other protective devices, which will further enhance your baby bed from the appropriate product range. The components are compatible with various items and bring, for example, a split guardrail or a height-adjustable locking grid. Especially a rollaway bed you make even safer with these measures: Since this stands directly at the parent bed, it usually has an open side without security. By adding one later, you can also place the bed freely in the room and use it more flexibly. Moreover, thanks to the adjustable height of the components, if you wish, you can use, for example, several pieces of baby furniture together to create a little more free space. Alternatively, we also offer extensions that have a mattress support. These are attached to the bottom of the bed and serve to bridge any edges or bed frames.

Keep everything safe

However, the category contains not only grids and finishing edges. In addition, you will discover here the bed bag, also matching in color, in which you can store all the important utensils within easy reach. For example, hang the item next to the changing table and stock it with powder and other accessories. Even a bed box for a baby bed is available. Of course, the color and size can be perfectly adapted to taste and requirements, and the practical drawers reveal a lot of storage space that would otherwise be wasted. In order to flexibly move cribs, a side bed or other baby furniture, the casters from our store are recommended. Depending on the design, they are compatible with different floor coverings and make everyday life much easier. For example, you no longer have to let your child linger alone in a room while you are busy in the kitchen, for example, and in turn increase safety in everyday life.