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Matratzen für Babybetten bei

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A cozy and comfortable baby bed provides healthy and restful night's sleep, which you and your child need. For the smallest ones, however, it also needs special mattresses.


Rely on quality for baby mattresses

With the baby mattresses from our offer, you can give your baby the basis for restful hours of slumber. Especially in the first years of life, your child needs a lot of sleep for its optimal development.
The soft cover fabrics and the easy-care material give you and your child security. Our anti-allergic coconut mattresses also protect your child.

Washable and safe

The mattress covers are washable at least at 60° degrees, some even up to 95° degrees. So if something should go wrong, it's not a problem. In addition, most of our baby mattresses are hypoallergenic. Either by a special coating or by the use of appropriate materials. The baby mattress is available in different sizes and with different features. Whether you want to buy the modern mattresses right with the matching bed sheet or are looking for a more elaborate model of baby mattress, with us at you are guaranteed to find the right baby mattress to suit your Needs.


Matratzen für Babybetten bei

For a beautiful and safe childhood

The material of the mattresses is adapted to the requirements of the infant. The fabrics and pads used are sewn in a child-friendly way and do not show any loose connections that can affect your child's sleep or safety. Firm seams, secure closures, and an easy-to-clean outer fabric ensure comfort and coziness. Breathable fabrics wick moisture away from baby's skin and provide a healthy sleeping environment. With the high load of the material and with the high demands for good hygiene around the baby, the quality of the mattress takes on a special importance. Mattresses for babies are, of course, manufactured according to particularly strict specifications and are subject to close inspection for quality and safety concerns.

Tips and advice from the experts!

Give your child the best support for a healthy sleep and show him your love with the care with which you choose for the little one the furniture suitable for children and cuddly bedding.
A mattress for the baby should not be too soft or too hard, rely on our experience with the ideal baby mattresses. The little one's back will get exactly the support it must have for healthy growth.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you!

In our offer you will find the baby mattress that will meet your requirements for a high-quality product. With the matching mattress covers, cute children's bedding and sweet accessories, your nursery will become the perfect space for a good night's sleep. We will be happy to advise you individually live chat or even by email!