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The ideal place to change diapers

The right height of the changing table is a boon for mom and dad's back!

As parents-to-be, you still have a lot of respect for changing diapers with your first child - but don't worry: practice makes perfect! On average, children get their diapers changed 2000 times a year - this means that you will spend a lot of time at the changing table with your little one and a certain routine will develop quite quickly!
If you spend so much time at the changing table, then this place should of course be practical and comfortable - both for the baby and of course for mom and dad.
For you as parents, the changing table should be the right height so that you can comfortably stand at it in an upright position and don't have to bend down. Your back will thank you! In general, it is assumed that a mother with a height of 1.60m should go for tables with a height of 85cm, while parents taller than 1.70m should rather consider changing chests whose height is between 95cm and 105cm. For parents of different heights, it is recommended that you choose a changing table that is height adjustable, such as the model from Linea by Leander.

From a changing table to a stylish piece of furniture

What to do when the child no longer needs diapers and you no longer have a use for the changing table? It would be a pity if the good piece would just stand around! However, you can opt for a chest of drawers, which you can expand with a matching changing top if necessary. Once you no longer need a place to change your child, you can remove the top and have a stylish dresser that fits anywhere.

Feeling like a million bucks on the changing table

Because babies spend a lot of time on the changing table, especially in the beginning, it is of course all the more important that this place is ideally furnished and that your bundle of joy feels comfortable there at every pit stop. Of course, it is especially important that the changing mat is comfortable. With the changing mats and changing pads and covers that you can find in our store, you are right on the money! They are all washable, because after all, you never know what will go wrong. After all, babies are unpredictable ...
It is also good to always have a changing or spit-up cloth at hand: Breastfed babies usually have a diaper full to the brim after their meal and need to be changed. This can sometimes lead to another burp and spit-up. It's handy to have a cloth at Hand!

Alles fürs Wickeln bei 123moebel.de

Distraction against boredom

Lying still until mom or dad has changed the full diaper is not necessarily what babies always feel like doing. Distraction is the order of the day - be it with a beautiful mobile or a colorful rattle. First and foremost, of course, the little bundle of joy enjoys the closeness to mom and dad - because diapering is also always a lively exchange between parents and child. Why not include a round of funny finger games on the changing table as soon as the bum is clean again?

Everything at hand when changing diapers

Rule number one when changing diapers is: Always have one hand on the child - because even the smallest ones can turn unexpectedly and there is of course the danger that they can fall off the changing table. To prevent this from happening in the first place, it's always good to be able to reach everything you need with just a flick of your wrist and not be tempted to move away from the changing table for even a split second or turn around. It is best to always put a change of clothes and everything else they need right on the changing table.
It is advantageous if the changing place has drawers or enough compartments for a change of clothes and spare diapers, etc. Particularly practical are also the changing table baskets from Little Dutch, which are available in different sizes. In it there is not only enough space for diapers, but also for wet wipes and care products. If you prefer to have more space on the changing table, Utensilos are great for storing everything important in them. You can attach them to the wall, for example.

Fluffy towels to cuddle up with

Most babies love water - it reminds them of their stay in mommy's tummy. As soon as it goes out of the tub, it gets uncomfortable and you often wonder how loud these petite, cute creatures can roar. In order to prevent the little water rats from getting upset in the first place, it's best to quickly wrap your little bundle of joy in a cuddly towel before going to the changing table to apply lotion and get dressed. Hooded towels, ponchos or hoodies are particularly practical, because they also cover baby's head and the little one quickly feels safe again.

Best equipped

With our extensive assortment, which concerns the diapering, they are in the best way equipped, so that you and your baby 2000x diapering with left manage! You will see: The first uncertainty of new parents will give way to a certain routine with time!