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Many desks for children and teenagers in the range

The perfect place for learning


Even before a child starts school, he needs his own place at home to draw, practice writing and later do homework. Therefore, the purchase of a suitable desk and desk chair for children should be thought of early. For growing offspring, a height-adjustable desk with a desk chair that is also height-adjustable is a very good choice. These should be well matched, as this will ensure that the furniture grows properly with your child and can readjust at any time.
A height-adjustable desk is just as important for the correct posture when sitting for children as an ergonomically shaped back section is for a desk chair for children.
Among the large selection of well-known manufacturers such as Flexa, Orgoo and Lifetime, among others, you can always find a perfectly suitable height-adjustable children's desk in a wide variety of designs and colors. Even for the "big ones" there are desks for every taste and every room. The naturally treated solid wood desks are leached and oiled or glazed, others are colorful and trendy lacquered, stylishly shaped and all have an easy-care surface.

Our range of children's desks

Here at you will find children's desks made of solid pine wood, beech reproduction or glass/metal combination. You can order your selected children's desk from us online or by phone. If you need help choosing a desk, just call or write us. Our staff will be happy to help you by phone, mail or WhatsApp and will answer all your questions.