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Already a proverb says "as one beds so one lies". Each of us has already made the experience that he wakes up in the morning rattled and feels as if he had not slept at all. This can be due to many things, one reason can be the bed. The right slatted frame and the mattress matched to it provide perfect lying comfort, if they are adapted to the needs of the sleeper.

Mattresses differ in quality, material, degree of hardness and price. Common models are made of cold foam or spring core. The latter consist of a steel spring core and have a high support and spring force. An additional advantage is good ventilation. A cold foam mattress adapts perfectly to the slatted frame and the body. It convinces with a high durability and good point elasticity. After the choice of the material is made, you should think about the right degree of hardness. A distinction is made between H1, H2 and H3. People with a body weight of up to 60 kilograms choose a sleeping pad in hardness grade H1, H2 is suitable up to 80 kilograms and H3 is recommended for a weight of more than 80 kilograms. Purchase criteria are breathability, moisture and temperature control, ergonomics, care and hygiene. The right choice has a direct impact on sleeping comfort and thus also supports health.

The slatted frame should not be underestimated either, it provides support for the mattress and ventilates the underside. the simplest option is the classic slatted frame. Adjustable models give the opportunity to individually adjust the spring behavior to specific areas of the body. Exclusive models for the bedroom are movable versions with or without the possibility of adjustment. When buying, you should make sure that the mattress and slatted frame fit together. Foam and latex go well with adjustable models, as they adjust better than a pocket spring or innerspring sleep surface. If possible, the spacing between slats should not be too large so that the mattress does not sag; four to five centimeters is optimal. Frame slats and a slat with spring wooden slats are a favorable variant. In connection with a Visco, cold foam or latex mattress they unfold the best bed comfort.

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