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Spielvorhänge für Kinderbetten, Etagenbetten, Spielbetten und Halbhochbetten

Buy curtain for loft bed online -

Children love to play hide and seek. Help your child more retreat space for extensive play by curtains for the loft bed.
The large selection of curtains from our brand manufacturers can be seen. All children's furniture suppliers of distinction are represented, including

  •     Dolphin
  •     Flexa
  •     Steens
  •     Hoppekids
  •     Manis-h

Variety and inventiveness of loft bed curtains

Different manufacturers such as Dolphin, Steens or Hoppekids design the curtains according to neutral colors or specific to the gender of your child. At Dolphin, you can even choose the colors of the curtains, and indeed of all the textile accessories, according to your own wishes.

One curtain for the crib is not enough

From experience we recommend to buy two sets of sott for the crib. If the once dirty, there are replacements and you save yourself stress, hassle and maybe even a few Tears.


Why is the curtain so important for your child?

The curtain for the loft bed allows your child to create his own world of experience, a world behind the curtain, a world for himself alone and perhaps for his good friends.

Children need a space of their own, not the kid's room, but a retreat, which even the parents do not enter. In this way, the child learns that there is a place where he or she is not taken, where he or she can find peace to think and dream.

Sometimes children then invite their parents into these retreats behind the loft bed curtain. This is a great honor. Imagine lying with your child in a little cozy corner under the loft bed and reading to him ... Magical!

Convenient for the parents ... and for the kids too!

If the child has already found his retreat on the loft bed, there is space underneath for storing toy boxes or for larger toys, how about a rocking animal.
Of course, the boxes with the winter or summer clothes will also find a place there and so do not spoil the whole nursery.