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Slatted frame is important for healthy and comfortable sleep

Not only the right choice of mattress is important for healthy sleep, but also the slatted frame plays a crucial role when it comes to your back and that of your child! Especially infants and toddlers should lie rather hard, so that the spine, which is in the growth phase, can develop properly through efficient support. This will lay a solid foundation for later life and prevent many back and disc problems in old age that can form in childhood. With the right slatted frame, you lay a healthy foundation for your child and are definitely on the safe side!
A slatted frame also ensures ideal ventilation of the mattress and a healthy sleeping climate. This is especially important for allergy sufferers.
Most of the slatted frames that you can buy from us at are made of beech, the most commonly used wood when it comes to making slatted frames. It is very sturdy and bounces well.
Depending on the needs of the user, there are different variants of slatted frames: the roller slatted frame, the frame slatted frame and the height-adjustable slatted frame. Below we present the advantages of each.

Advantages of the different types of slatted Frames

The roller slatted frame: adapts to the body and saves space when not in use.

You will already notice one plus point of the roll slatted frame upon delivery: As the name suggests, this type of slatted frame is rolled up. This is possible because the roll slatted frame does not have a frame. It has 15 or 21 springy, stable slats, which are usually connected by a textile band. As a result, the slats are more flexible and can ideally adapt to the shape of the back.
With the roller slatted frame, the individual slats must be firmly screwed to the bed so that the whole thing does not slip. This has a decisive advantage: the roll slatted frame is firmly connected to the bed and acts like an additional transverse screw - this provides additional stability.
When not in use, the roll slatted frame takes up little space and is easy to store or transport. This variant of the slatted frame is the most affordable among all.
The roller slatted frame is particularly suitable for pocket spring and spring core mattresses, as these mattresses already support individual parts of the body by themselves and can be used without problems even with wider spacing of the slats.

The frame slatted frame: Optimal load distribution through many slats

This slatted frame is enclosed in a rectangular frame, which provides the necessary support and is inserted into the bed frame. The installation is not quite as complicated as with the roller slatted frame. The frame slatted bed base has 28 to 30 slats, which are relatively narrow and placed at a smaller distance from each other. Therefore, the frame slatted bed base is extremely stable and ensures optimal load distribution. This has the advantage of reducing the load per slat, which makes the frame slatted bed base very durable overall.
The number of slats also affects the wear of the mattress on top: The more (narrow) slats there are, the smaller the gaps through which it can press. Thus, the material is protected and the mattress lasts longer.
The frame slatted frame is suitable for all types of mattresses except waterbeds.

The adjustable slatted frame: individually adjusted for a comfortable Position

With the adjustable slatted frame, you can manually change the height of the head and foot sections yourself - according to your personal needs. Thus, you can try out which lying position is the most ideal and comfortable for you. With an adjustable slatted frame, you are also extremely flexible: If you want to read in bed in the evening or put up strained legs, or if you need to rest in a raised position in case of illness, you can easily adjust this individually and temporarily.
The adjustable slatted frame is particularly suitable for latex, cold foam, foam, innerspring or viscose foam mattresses, as these adapt particularly well to changes in the head and foot sections.

1,2 or 3: Which slatted frame should go in the bed?

You know what it's like: If you have a choice, you're spoiled for choice ... We at hope to make the decision a little easier for you with our descriptions! The most important thing is: You yourself can best assess what very personal needs your ideal slatted frame must meet.