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Spielzeugkiste für das Kinderzimmer bei

Great decoration and home accessories for the children's room

A child's room would be nothing without some decoration and cute home accessories that give the room an individual touch. This is the only way to make the room cozy. And that is the be-all and end-all, especially for a child's room. With the right accessories for the children's room, you can create a child-friendly environment in which your children will love to spend time, provide an inner balance and let them grow up contented.

Rocking animals, measuring sticks and playhouses make for fun!

The small furniture and accessories can also have a very practical use, such as the children's measuring rod. Here the child (and the parents, of course) can check how tall he is already. Chests and boxes help to keep the chaos in the children's room small, but are also great for playing. Who wouldn't want to find a real pirate's treasure or a chest with sweets? Playhouses and rocking animals, on the other hand, are pure toys, but they bring the child all the more joy. Do you know the great play tents? In our store you will also find numerous children's carpets, respectively carpets for the children's room. With cute owls, cars, stars and many colorful motifs you set so skillfully accents in the nursery.

Accessories for the loft bed

Did you know that you can also spruce up your children's loft bed or bunk bed with numerous additional furniture and great textile accessories? This will quickly turn the bed into a treasure island, a pirate ship, a robber's den or the dream castle of a real princess!

Great gift ideas for the little ones

Our children usually already have enough toys and for their birthday or at Christmas we add new ones. Maybe this time you give something durable, useful that your child will still like? A pirate treasure chest, for example, or the great children's furniture of the Flexa Play series, which combine great design with many functions and conjure up a friendly smile in every child's room?

Spielzeugkiste für das Kinderzimmer bei

Great brands and heroes for kids

As in the entire children's furniture sector, we pay attention to high quality goods, but where the fun is not neglected. So we have, among other things, many Disney heroes in the program, which embellish one or the other furniture, for example Minnie and Mickey Mouse (or Mouse), Disney's CARS and many more. Here are some manufacturers that we would like to especially recommend to you when it comes to decorations for the children's room:

  •     Flexa
  •     Hoppekids
  •     Kids Concept
  •     Delta Children

Best advice and great service guaranteed

If you want to beautify the children's room with great ideas, let yourself be inspired by our selection. Measuring sticks for children, comfortable rocking horses and boxes and chests are just the tip of the iceberg. You will also find the sturdy play tents that stimulate the imagination of children. Browse through our program and feel free to consult the competent as well as friendly team. You can reach us via online chat, e-mail or by phone. This makes furniture shopping fun.