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Sleeping Bags

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Nestchen für Babybetten bei 123moebel.de

Unique sleeping bags for babies and toddlers

Children and especially babies often convince with their unimagined abilities as escape artists, which come to light especially during sleep. In the process, they not infrequently kick themselves free and push blankets to the side, which can cause the temperature of sensitive little bodies to drop quickly. Remedy is, for example, a baby sleeping bag from the appropriate category. Here you will find practical models that are excellent for use at home. You can choose between a rather loose-fitting item, which serves as an additional blanket, for example, or tight-fitting versions with sleeves and legs. Even at night very active children thus remain consistently covered and always have it cozy warm. Instead of beds, you can also equip strollers with such a product, among other things, to be able to brave the weather at any time, even on the road.

Motifs for every taste

A baby sleeping bag convinces not only by the use of high-quality materials, which provide good heat insulation and at the same time protect the susceptible respiratory tract of infants. At the same time, appealing motifs and designs adorn the models, with the help of which going to sleep becomes the purest pleasure. Babies either disappear into the mouth of a cute shark, which is available in different colors, or use a baby sleeping bag in the shape of a starfish. This is equipped with sleeves and legs at the same time, allowing the product to fit securely. Of course, you can get most of the designs in different sizes. Just as practical, but somewhat less elaborately designed, are the slip sacks, most of which are manufactured by Babybay. These also close tightly and turn your child into a cute little bundle with a constant body temperature.

The right material

Depending on the shape and raw material, the products have different properties. A large part of our range is suitable for washing machine and dryer without any problems and also shines with good durability. Often, manufacturers use easy-to-clean cotton, which also provides sufficient air circulation with good thermal insulation. However, some items, due to various peculiarities, are suitable only for the warm summer months. For cool rooms and seasons, on the other hand, a thicker baby sleeping bag is an excellent product. With the right choice, you have one less thing to worry about and your offspring will always be snug and warmly wrapped up.