See the nursery with children's eyes

A child is a love made visible" - Novalis.
Children go through several stages of development, during which not only they themselves grow, but also their demands. Children's room furniture in the first years of the child is considered primarily as purely functional objects. Of course, there is also beautiful and appealing baby furniture. But when the children get older and want to have a first say in the design of the children's room, this changes completely. wants to offer you and your children the best furniture for the children's room, tested brand quality, if possible made of solid wood from sustainable cultivation and so durable that the furniture will easily survive the move into the first own apartment.

Requirements for children's room furniture change

Once your child starts school, he or she will need a completely different room than when he or she was in kindergarten before. When children grow up to be teenagers, they develop further and want more individual furniture in the children's room, which preferably corresponds to their own character and also differs somewhat from the style of their parents. For these reasons, children's room furniture should always correspond to the age of the child or teenager. Playing, keeping busy, doing homework or even their own hobbies should definitely be taken into account when choosing furniture. Observe changes and adjust the child's environment according to his or her age. When changing the furniture in the children's room, make sure that the children's furniture is solid enough and provide opportunities for the child's creative development. Young children mainly enjoy nursery furniture that allows them to move and play creatively.

Children's room furniture from tested brand manufacturers

Children's room furniture made of solid wood is, in our opinion, the best for the child. Solid wood improves the indoor climate, wood breathes and is brilliant as a material especially for children because each piece is absolutely individual. has chosen only tested brand suppliers as partners. Among the top brands are:

The masterminds at these innovation forges know what matters when it comes to furniture in a child's room and which children's furniture is ideally suited for which age groups. In addition to many creative suggestions and cleverly thought-out furniture designs, these manufacturers pay attention to very stable workmanship that does without sharp edges, pointed corners and dangerous screw heads. Children's furniture must be sturdy, durable and beautiful.

The little ones get very big eyes and a satisfied smile at this furniture

In the section of nursery furniture for babies, you can find a lot of purpose-oriented furniture for small children. These pieces of furniture were implemented in very loving designs. During production and assembly, attention was paid to soft transitions and generous radii. A lot of attention was paid to the fact that the furniture is practical and beautiful. See for yourself.

A few recommendations for a great children's room

Hochbetten für das Kinderzimmer von Markenherstellern wie Flexa, Hoppekids, Dolphin und Lifetime

Our loft beds are very popular. A loft bed can be a fantastic experience and remain the main attraction of the children's room for several years. The special thing is that many of them have a specific theme. The play bed with a slide turns the children's room into an adventure park, with the appropriate textiles a bed in no time becomes a castle, a pirate ship or a jungle promising adventure. Later, a loft bed becomes a real space miracle, if you integrate the desk there or integrate a wardrobe under the lying surface. So there is always enough PLatz in the room to play. The possibilities for creative ideas are almost limitless. Such children's room furniture provides joy and positive development.

Also teenagers and young people do not come too briefly with us

Great desks, computer tables, sofas, wardrobes and beds with plenty of storage space in the lower area offer teenagers a suitable environment. In it, they can pursue their interests and studies and develop freely.

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