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Krabbeldecken für Babys bei

Crawling blankets and play rugs: Left to right, top to bottom

Babies are curious and real little movers. From around the third or fourth month, they slowly begin to turn from their stomachs to their backs and vice versa. The more practiced they are, the greater the range of their turning moments. Over time, there is not enough room for this in the baby's crib. Then it is very practical if you have a crawling blanket or a play rug. Because on it the dwarves have enough space to roll around diligently and try out. We at offer you a wide range of beautiful and practical crawling blankets and play rugs.

You can choose between many designs and Colors.

Why a crawling blanket or Play rug?

A crawling blanket or a play rug have many advantages: Due to padding, both are nice and soft and comfortable and the very little ones can comfortably lie on it on their backs or stomachs and get their first whiff of the "great freedom" outside their crib or playpen.
Because the floor is of course much too cold for babies and to protect them from a cold or an unpleasant chill, it is better to put the little ones on a crawling blanket or a play rug. In addition, a crawling blanket or play rug will give them a feeling of security. Once they have successfully completed these first attempts at lying down "outside", everything usually goes very quickly. Between the sixth and tenth month of life, babies move forward in a variety of ways: some begin to crawl, others crawl, there are even babies who move backwards or come up with other sophisticated locomotion techniques.
Not to forget the quadruped stand: babies are so proud when they manage to stand on their hands and feet at the same time! Of course, it's important that the little ones have a surface that's nice and soft - a crawling blanket or play mat is perfect for this! Anti-slip nubs on the back also provide additional safety.
Practical for you as parents: Crawling blankets can be easily rolled up and taken anywhere. So they are also ideal for travel or short visits to friends and relatives.

Krabbeldecken für Babys bei

Whoops, what's that? - Little explorers on a (discovery) blanket tour

It's especially interesting for little ones when there's a lot to discover on the blanket itself: be it patterns, pictures, embroidery, different materials or little gimmicks like mirrors and loops. This challenges your baby's senses and imagination and promotes development in different ways. Of course, it's also great if the crawling blanket or play rug are large enough that mom or dad can also find additional space on it. After all, what could be nicer than being at your baby's side during his first attempts at turning and sitting or spreading out and trying out his possessions with the bundle of joy? Be it music boxes, touch and crackle cloths or cute cuddly toys?
It is also sweet when the older siblings or other "baby colleagues" keep your little sparrow company and everyone can spread out comfortably on the soft play area. And if the little ones get tired from playing, they can close their little eyes right on the spot and slumber away to dreamland on a warm and soft pad.

A cuddle for eternity

When your bundle of joy has slowly but surely outgrown the baby age, it doesn't have to mean that you have to stow away the crawling blanket or the play rug in the attic! Toddlers also love to play on them, snuggle up, cozily look at picture books on them or make themselves comfortable to listen to their favorite audio play.
A little tip: Especially with crawling blankets, it is practical if you still have a second one to have a replacement if necessary, if it ever comes to a small incident and this must go into the washing machine. We at offer you many great choices - see for yourself!