Fascia and decorative elements

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Discover great fronts for children's beds and loft beds at 123moebel.de

High up usually want even the smallest. And a loft bed is a real highlight for children in the nursery.
It combines the playful character of a child's room, with the useful.

A wide range of variants can be found for girls and boys alike. Thus, the very individual dream of a loft bed is created for every child.
But in addition to beautiful bed textiles, there are other ways to beautify the bed.
A very great option are special fronts or panels for the crib.

Safety and attractive design are not mutually exclusive

In order for children to be able to use their bed extensively and exuberantly, safety is a top priority. Safety is provided by the panel of the loft bed.
This front prevents injuries that could occur when romping and playing around the loft bed.

When sleeping, the front as a fall protection for the loft bed provides the child with safety from falling out. For this reason, the fascia for loft bed is inevitable when buying a bunk bed, if you want to get a safe children's bed.

At the same time, the panel for the children's bed can be a beautiful decorative element for the children's room. Individual smaller filling elements as well as large fronts can be selected individually. Are pirates going on a great voyage or should the bunk bed be the bedchamber of a princess? A variety of creative solutions for boys and girls can be selected. Front-filling panels or side elements round off the range. Thus, panels for bunk beds guarantee safe sleeping and playing in and around bunk beds.