Bedside Tables

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Bettablagen für Kinderbetten und Spielbetten

Everything at hand even in the loft bed

Bed shelves as ideal storage surfaces for loft beds & Co.

Half loft bed, medium loft bed or loft bed, sleeps? All these things should be as close at hand as possible - so the normal bedside table, which stands on the floor next to a single bed, naturally falls away.
The ideal solution for loft beds & co.: bed shelves and hanging shelves. These can be mounted quite easily and quickly. Depending on the model, the bed shelves are simply hooked in or clipped on.
Here at, you'll find a wide selection of matching shelves for every bed, including those from brand-name manufacturers Flexa, Dolphin, Lifetime, Hoppekids, Bopita and Manis-h. These can either be attached to the outside of the bed frame or to the inside of the bed, so your child can get to their things quickly.

Space savers also get their money's worth

Bettablagen für Kinderbetten und Spielbetten

But bed trays are suitable not only for higher beds, they can also be used for single beds. The advantage is obvious: due to their flat shape, they hardly take up any space. And they are perfect if your child's bed is equipped with a drawer, for example, because the bed tray, unlike the nightstand, does not block access.
When it comes to cleaning, bed trays are also extremely practical: when vacuuming or mopping the floor, you can easily get everywhere and don't have to wipe around it anywhere or move the piece of furniture out of the way.


Hanging storage for bookworms

Whether you're a high sleeper or a low sleeper, a bookcase or utensil box that attaches to your bed is a clever alternative to a traditional bookshelf. Especially if there is not so much space in the children's room or your bookworm likes to have his favorite reading or his favorite toys up in the loft bed close at hand, such a box for hanging is suitable. Then your offspring does not have to get up, for example, if he wants to read or be read to another book, but has everything he likes and needs directly with him.