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Rutschen und Plattformen für Kinderbetten und Spielbetten

Expand your bed with bed base now - it's worth it.

A bed with a bed base is the ideal choice not only for many children and teenagers. Because with bed base the bed not only ensures a restful sleep. It also provides ample storage space, for bedding, toys or even the winter clothes.
The bed with guest bed to pull out is also becoming increasingly popular. The practical beds, which can be set up and converted as needed in the blink of an eye, provide a cozy bed for all the children's guests in addition to the main bed. Parents who want to keep watch at night next to their child who is ill with a severe cold will also appreciate the convenience of these pull-out beds.

Bed drawers and pull-out beds from many manufacturers.

Our brand furniture suppliers actually have all bed extensions in their program. among others, we offer accessories for the beds of:


  •     Hoppekids
  •     Lifetime

If you use the guest bed together with a bunk bed, you get a total of three beds, which has its advantages for children's birthday parties, when friends and relatives come to visit.

Furnish the children's room with brains and save space!

The bed with bed base is available in many variations and sizes, so that parents and children can find the optimal solution for furnishing the youth or children's room.
Also, our nice, highly qualified staff will be happy to help with comprehensive advice and are available to answer all questions and requests.

A bed with a bed base is a sensible decision for many years of childhood. All children and teenagers want to feel comfortable in their little kingdom and therefore high-quality, functional furniture is the best choice. Thus, even the kids and teenagers of the family already get the right desire to live with their dear parents. As materials for the beds with bed base are used high quality materials, so you can enjoy for a long time.

Summer and winter bed - With bed base very easy!

Many models of beds with bed base can be customized. Producers of beautiful beds offer numerous individual components for a bed with a bed base. Therefore, children and teenagers can create their favorite bed to their heart's content.
Parents have the opportunity to create the children's room functional and visually appealing together with their children from the very beginning. A bed with a bed base can therefore be tailored exactly to the needs of the family.

Even children who rarely need a bed with a guest bed can use the bed base extensively. At any time of the year, the comforter and quilt are replaced. In winter, the summer bed is stored in the box, and in summer the down comforter is under the bed.

Storage space without end with bed base

A pull-out bed is therefore the right choice for children who always need storage space. With just a flick of the wrist, the dear little ones and also all teenagers can find their books, games or even clothes and many other things in the bed drawer.
Thus, the bed with bed drawer also always ensures perfect order in the children's and teenager's room.

Buy now your pull-out bed, guest bed or bed pull-out for the crib or bunk bed at 123moebel.de and enjoy the benefits right at home!