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Wiegen für Babys bei

Cradles and side beds - be as close to the baby as possible.

The birth of a child is always something very special. Especially when the child is still very small, it often needs the proximity of the parents at night. With a side bed, young parents always have their child very close to them. The practical baby beds have small castors and can thus be set up flexibly in any location. A parking brake provides stability for the extra bed.

Brand furniture for the baby room

With the baby room furniture from the online store, you can perfectly furnish the room for your child. For example, order a baby side bed in beech or a crib in white. And even if you like it a little more colorful when furnishing the nursery, there is a suitable selection of products for you in the online store. With a side bed in gray, white or another color comes a pretty visual eye-catcher in the nursery. Many of the available baby beds also grow with the age of the child. Thus, the height of the slatted frame can be adjusted as needed and some of the cribs have additional transport wheels. With a cradle you are also equipped for the needs of your baby. In the assortment you will find a number of beautiful cradles made of wood and in different designs. Choose between fixed cradles and a cradle with runners to gently rock your child to sleep. If you attach particular importance to brand quality when buying baby crib, side bed and cradle, they expect baby room furniture from Childhome, Flexa or Steens in the assortment.

Wiegen für Babys bei

Order nursery accessories online

So that the baby room lacks nothing, also has the right accessories for your cradle or baby bed in stock. Cuddly and soft it becomes for the little ones with a nest as a cushion and also a mattress or a canopy for the cradle you can easily order in addition. In addition to various accessories for the baby bed, the online assortment also has many other items for the baby equipment ready. For example, baby bedding, sleeping bags, changing pads and high chairs. Why look for a long time for the right baby crib or the right cradle for your child? Look around online and order the equipment for your baby room easily in the internet store.